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Tokyo pole drop-in: Luxurica Studio

I always make it a point to drop in to a new pole studio whenever I travel. It makes every trip a super fun one and I love to explore different neighborhoods by myself as I visit them too. The … Continue reading

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Pole dancing in Paris, Pt 1: Pink School

The first studio that caught my eye when I was Googling “Pole Dance Studios in Paris” was Pink School. It operates within the premises of the infamous Pink Paradise strip club and so Pink School is basically not a separate … Continue reading

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The holiday recovery commences…

Finally, I’m back from Paris and London! Phew, that was a long trip… I was in Paris again with the husband for another work event, and after that we took our first trip to London. Oh, did I mention that … Continue reading

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My Pole Dance Tokyo travel drop-in experience

*I’d planned to write this much, much sooner. In fact, I’d planned to write it from my hotel room immediately after doing the drop-in, but Tokyo is way too exciting of a city for me to focus long enough to … Continue reading

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Dropping in (to pole) in the Philippines

Mabuhay! I’m writing this from Manila, Philippines, and between my new iPhone 5, the WordPress app, and free hotel wifi, I am actually being a rather efficient blogger! I’m here with the hubby for work and it’s my first time … Continue reading

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