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Hello, gorgeous!

I finally met my new pole home, The Brass Barre. It’s been over a month now that Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore closed its doors for good. And in that time, I’ve been traveling a LOT. So much that I didn’t get … Continue reading

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And.. Even.. MORE! New!! Studios!!!

Yup, the pole studio situation here has officially exploded now. Well, lucky us! It used to be that pole studios were a commodity here, and you picked the one you wanted to learn regularly at, and that was about it. … Continue reading

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So. Many. New. Studios!!!

Wow, it’s great to be a student here right now. Since Milan Pole Studio opened it’s Singapore branch slightly over 2 months ago, a sudden rush of other new pole studios have been popping up all over the place like crazy! Okay … Continue reading

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The best lessons are the ones you don’t want to learn..

I thought I was going to spend Valentine’s day in one of the best ways, but instead I’m sitting here kinda heartbroken! *sad face* One of my favourite instructors recently left the studio, which has been greatly upsetting because she was my … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer pole-potato

So what the hell have I been up to for the past month? I’ve been asking myself that for a while, and the answer has been: just fucking around. After I got the Static V, I can now add leg … Continue reading

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The key to progress

It doesn’t happen very often, but recently I’ve been on a roll with my pole progress! After months of working on Static V and being terrified of it, I no longer fear it and can happily do it on my … Continue reading

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