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Help, I’m falling for another expensive addiction!

No, I’m not on coke and I haven’t started collecting Chanel bags yet. I’ve just come to realize that I really love Pilates! Like maybe even as much as I love pineapple tarts.. (and if you know me, you’ll know … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, and yay for muscle recovery!

Happy New Year, Everyone!! Okay I know I’m a little late but hey, it’s still January! So far, January has been pretty awesome. Heck, December was great too… I took 2 weeks off just before Christmas and did a bunch of … Continue reading

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Life goes on… even with just ONE pole class a week

So far the weekly pole & yoga practice is going pretty well. I kicked off Workout Groupon #1 from Califirnia Fitness with a session of yoga, which I hadn’t done since January this year. Being a total newbie at California … Continue reading

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Happiness is… a straight-leg inversion!!

Last night I got my first pull-up V with one leg extended straight!!! I’m so incredibly happy now! *Jumps around* Okay, so it wasn’t from a climb yet, and I wasn’t wearing heels, and it was right at the beginning … Continue reading

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Pilates, Polates..

After years of doing hatha yoga and its countless different variations of the warrior pose, my legs and lower body have developed a pretty solid foundation of strength. What I really need is to develop my upper body and core … Continue reading

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