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Looking back on a very eventful year

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and I thought I’d write something since I’m on leave and all. Also, WordPress cheerily informed me that I’d only blogged 9 times this year! So might as well just make it 10, right? I suppose we … Continue reading

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Poledancing: Trick or Treat?

As part of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Group, I occasionally participate in themed Blog Hops, when all the different Pole Dance Bloggers write about a common theme. This month’s theme is : “The Sanitization of Pole Dance: Trick or Treat” ———————————————————————– … Continue reading

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Another amazing experience: Amateur Night 2013

So Amateur Night happened last Saturday, and of course, it was great. Months of preparation, worry and anxiety all came to a climax of 3 minutes on stage, which of course, felt like the blink of an eye. It was my second … Continue reading

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It is what it is: 2 days before Amateur Night!!

About some time last week, I finally finished putting my Amateur Night routine together. Which is really late, considering that the event is happening this Saturday! That’s even longer than how long it took me to get it together last … Continue reading

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The Freak-Outs… we has it!

So I have officially entered the predictable, pitiful, pre-Amateur Night phase of “FML right Now, I can’t do this!!!”. It’s that special time in a pole dancer’s life when the crushing self-doubt she feels about why she signed up for that damned … Continue reading

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Starting the new term with some X-Factor

It’s week 1 of term 4 now. The beginning of term is always my favourite part! On Monday I went in for the very first class of X-Factor. It’s a brand-new course that was just introduced this term and is … Continue reading

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