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Back to the grindstone

Oh, my poor aching body! After taking a 3 week break from tech 2 pole class, my yoga classes and my weekly run in order to focus on my routine for amateur night, I can already feel such a big … Continue reading

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Pilates, Polates..

After years of doing hatha yoga and its countless different variations of the warrior pose, my legs and lower body have developed a pretty solid foundation of strength. What I really need is to develop my upper body and core … Continue reading

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Revisiting a faithful old friend

I’d been missing yoga since my membership at Pure Yoga expired four months ago. At the time, I was all ‘Yay, I can just go for pole all the time now!’ and I pretty much did. But then slowly I … Continue reading

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Gyms always made me feel awkward

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a free drop-in pole class at the new gym that my yoga studio is affiliated with. I’ve been curious about the pole classes there since they opened it, and since my yoga … Continue reading

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I actually wanted to do that..?

Recently while cleaning the house, I stumbled upon an old notebook that I kept back in 2005. As I flipped through it, one page jumped out at me. It was a list, titled: ‘All the things I’m too scared to … Continue reading

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