No blogging, just interviews..

Current mood.

Current mood. :p

So Term 1 at The Brass Barre came and went. I spent most of it going to the studio 5-6 days a week, either to teach, train, or understudy, which left me with very little time for anything blogging.

Somehow though, I managed to find enough time to write for the studio’s new blog. Which is somewhat ironic, given that I can barely click open my own blog.

But then again, when it’s for an opportunity to talk to Felix Cane about her new studio (and her new boobs!), and ask Steven Retchless about his shoe collection, I just can’t say no.


So here’s my latest interview with Felix: (which I’m even late in posting here!)


And the more recent one with Steven:

There will be more interviews to come too.

Basically, I’ll feature whichever guest choreographer whose routines will be taught at The Brass Barre. And it’s already been announced that Term 3 will feature lyrical style by Anastasia Skukhtorova! So if you have any burning question you’d like me to ask her, leave a comment.

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