Looking back on a very eventful year


From Montigo weekend with my pole sisters ❤

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and I thought I’d write something since I’m on leave and all. Also, WordPress cheerily informed me that I’d only blogged 9 times this year! So might as well just make it 10, right?

I suppose we always look back on our year and marvel at all the things we managed to do, and all the things we wish we had managed to do. And it all seems pretty impressive by the end of 12 months. But 2015 was probably one of the most truly eventful years for me (pole-wise) since I started this blog as a wide-eyed beginner 4 years ago.

Right at the start of the year, I got a phone call from the now ex-owner of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore inviting me to teach. Which blew my socks off, because I never felt I’d ever be good enough, (and I still struggle with that!) and back then I’d already been in a long pole slump with very low motivation.

But when life presents you with opportunity, take it! And then later scramble to try and figure out how to pull it off…

Once I agreed, I officially met my pole sisters (aka my fellow junior instructors) and all of us began on a whirlwind journey of training, teaching, and performing together for the Bobbi’s brand.

Things were going swimmingly for a while and we’d all just gotten the hang of managing our time, energy, and the responsibilities of being new teachers. Sign ups at Bobbi’s had picked up, loads of fresh new beginners were showing up and embracing their new pole passion, and we were working great together as a team.

We all went from not knowing each other very well, to sharing early mornings, late nights, meals together, too many taxi rides, a very cramped teacher’s room, and a lot of sweat and effort.

I even got used to having teacher training every Saturday morning, whereas in the past I couldn’t even drag myself out of the house in time for a class at noon!

Then all of a sudden, we were told that our local principal would be moving away, and our beloved second home would be closing its doors for good.

Once the news was announced, everyone sort of fell into a collective panic and depression. I for one, was very sad about only getting a short time to experience teaching. And even though I totally appreciated the other offers I received, I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t be the same.

At the same time, my other favorite pole studio here, The Yoga Poe Studio, also suddenly announced it was shutting its doors, and its owner (whom I still look up to as one of my personal pole ‘Sensei’s’) was moving out of Singapore too.

I was so depressed about not having many options left that I briefly but seriously considered just quitting pole!

Thankfully, as the saying goes: “After the rain, comes the rainbow”. And my rainbow came in the form of The Brass Barre, set up by the very same people who used to work at Bobbi’s, whom I already know and love. Thank goodness! It even stands in the exact same location as Bobbi’s did, except now the lights are prettier and the floor is a lot cleaner.

And next week, The Brass Barre will officially open its doors for Term 1, and me and my pole sisters will be teaching together again! (We’ve already been training together again because teaching may be on and off, but training is forever.)

So Thank You 2015 for all the adventures and lessons you gave me. It was a wild ride and definitely not an easy one but I’m glad for all of it nonetheless.

And 2016, I’m ready!


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