Hello, gorgeous!

I am seriously in love with the lighting here.

First photo at The Brass Barre! I am so in love with these lights…

I finally met my new pole home, The Brass Barre.

It’s been over a month now that Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore closed its doors for good. And in that time, I’ve been traveling a LOT. So much that I didn’t get a chance to visit the brand-new studio until last night!

As you might have heard by now, The Brass Barre is opened by the ex-senior instructors of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore, (no, that doesn’t include me) and stands in the same location.

Renovations started pretty much immediately after the Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific event, and while the studio hasn’t officially launched yet, the doors just opened to students for practice sessions last weekend.

Sadly, due to my crazy travel schedule, I missed all of the studio’s debut photo shoots and video shoots, including the ones of the teaching team! I’m still sad about it, sigh.

I’m also going to be missing the official opening party of The Brass Barre on Dec 5, which sucks! *super emo face*

But if you’re in town on Dec 5, do head on down to the studio and watch the instructors perform their showcase and preview of the new classes there!

Apart from the 3 weeks that I spent in London, New York and Tokyo for work and play, I’m flying to Hong Kong tomorrow with a bunch of girls from the studio (to watch the International Pole Championships) and again to Tokyo for work a few days after returning, before finally going to Koh Phangan to attend a bestie’s wedding. Read: that’s a lot of packing, unpacking, and laundry to be done!

So I knew I had to cram in a visit to the studio last night, or I wouldn’t get a chance to meet my new second home until mid-December! (At this rate, I barely even have time to see my poor parents)

Not kidding when I say the lights just bring out the sexy in you

Not kidding when I say the lights immediately bring out the sexy in you…

Anyway, the studio was totally worth making that time for! It’s gorgeous, classy and oh-so-clean, with sensuously flattering lighting that makes me feel sexy the minute I walk in. I’m so happy that I get to teach there!!!

Of course, I had to take some photos. Normally, I suck at taking pictures of myself but luckily Po.Lita takes the best photos and suggested spots to pose at. And the pictures turned out really good just on my iPhone, with no need for filtering at all!

Of course, after so much time away and off the pole, I’m going to have to kick my flabby ass back in shape real hard once I’m done with all this traveling. Of course, I did manage to fit in some pole classes while I was away, but I definitely ate way more calories than I burned, sigh..

In the meantime, here are a couple more preview photos of the space.

The lights change colors too!

The lights change colors too!

Mood, much?

Mood, much?

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