It’s the final term at Bobbi’s and I’m teaching, who?!?!

Post-class we-fie

Post-class we-fie

So here we are, half way into the final term of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore.

Although everyone is feeling sad that it’s going to be the last term for Bobbi’s, it’s been fantastic to do classes again with so many of my old pole buddies!

It feels just like old times now that everyone is back, and it’s this whole community of familiar pole sisterhood that makes the studio such a happy place to be in, in the first place.

I’m super glad that my Beginner Slap class on Friday ended up getting overbooked again and the studio opened a second class on Sunday so we didn’t have to turn anyone away!

But as much as I adore teaching Striptease and Lapdance, I also enjoy teaching pole. Last term, I wasn’t assigned any actual Beginner level classes but ended up teaching 10 pole dancing trial classes, so thankfully I did get my chance to teach some Beginner-level pole. (And I know of half a dozen girls who signed up for a full term following some of those trial classes, so I must have been doing something right!)

This term though, the studio isn’t offering any more pole dancing trial classes as it’s the already the last term. So I thought I wasn’t going to be teaching any more pole classes.


“Remember to point your toes as you spin…”

But… sometimes things have a funny way of happening!

As it turns out, the guys’ class suddenly needed a teacher because the guy who taught them last term wasn’t free to teach them anymore.

I know right ….the GUYS’ class?!?! It’s not exactly something that was ever on my list of teaching goals, or even something I would have considered a possibility before.

But like I said, things have a funny way of happening.

Now I know what you might be thinking, and no… these guys are definitely *not* the kind of male pole dancers who rock stripper heels, sparkly shorts and fall under the ‘pole sisters’ category. They are dudes.


Planking like pros

Ordinarily, I would never have agreed to teach a bunch of dudes if I wasn’t already kind of familiar with them.

But last term I taught on the same day as their classes, so I ended up seeing them every week and having friendly conversations with them cos well, they’re a nice bunch!

And then of course, my birthday at the studio happened where Po.Lita arranged for all of them to surprise me with a collective lap dance, and I got to know them all so much better up close and personal!

That’s right.  The guys’ class collectively gave me a group lap dance last term right after the studio’s student performances. It was crazy funny, and I don’t think many girls will ever experience 20 dudes taking turns to shake it for them in front of an extremely enthusiastic live audience.

Anyway, my point is that since the guys weren’t total strangers to me anymore, when the opportunity came to teach them some pole, I thought, ‘heck, why not!’.

Thankfully, one of the junior teachers agreed to teach it with me. May is a natural at choreographing and she can bust out power moves on command.

And so, we have been teaching the guys every week for the past month, and it has been a totally new teaching experience!

There are different challenges to teaching guys, like how to modify tricks for them (upper body strength is not an issue but flexibility can be) how to spot someone bigger than us (we get them to partner up and assist us in spotting each other) and how to teach them sexy choreography (The are surprisingly game!)

The song we picked for them is “I Want It That Way” By none other than the Backstreet Boys. Because, Magic Mike 2!!!!!!!

We were initially worried that they might not like it but the moment we played the song for the first time and they all started singing it, we knew it would work. And like one of them casually admitted, they all have a secret Backstreet Boy inside of them, which I fully intend to bring out into the open!

Also, since most of the class had already completed Beginner level last term, it’s been a great chance for us to teach more intermediate-level stuff like inverts and aerial tricks, which they have all the strength for!

I’ve sat into many classes where the Jamilla cradle spin was taught for the first time, and I’d never seen a 100% first-timer success rate until we taught it to the guys! And I do believe that in the history of Bobbi’s Pole Studio here, this is the first time we’ve had a guys class taught by 2 girls. With the extra irony being that I mostly teach the ultra-girly Beginner Slap.

But yes, I know the guys will eventually turn into handspringing/flagpoling/deadlifting beasts and soon I won’t be able to keep up with them anymore. But for now, until they master all the basics, they are still enjoyably teachable. And I get to open the doors every week and actually say, ‘Hello, boys!’ Lol.

Anyway I never would have thought that I’d be teaching a bunch of dudes how to pole dance, let alone be enjoying it, but I thoroughly am.

Oh, and if you’re a Bobbi’s Babe here, they will be performing their awesome Backstreet Boys routine at our very last performance week and it’ll be hot! Just saying…

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