And.. Even.. MORE! New!! Studios!!!

Yup, the pole studio situation here has officially exploded now.

Well, lucky us! It used to be that pole studios were a commodity here, and you picked the one you wanted to learn regularly at, and that was about it.

Not anymore.

Now, students are the commodities, and there’s TRIPLE the number options for where you can take your money and learn at:

Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Groove Studio, Acropolates, Milan Pole Dance Studio, Studio Sands, PoleLAB, Pole Dance Academy, and now also The Yoga Pole Studio, and SLAP Dance Studio.

Yup, we’ve gone from 3 dedicated pole studios, to 9 in the space of just about half a year. EXPLODED, I say!

The 2 new latest kids on the block are The Yoga Pole Studio, and SLAP Dance Studio. Here’s what they have in common: Both are opened by ex, Advanced-level instructors from Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore, who also happen to be pole competition champions. …Credentials much?

So let’s meet them, shall we..

1) The Yoga Pole Studio

The Yoga poleNo prizes for guessing! The Yoga Pole Studio offers (surprise!) an equal mix of yoga and pole classes. Opened by 2011 Miss Pole Dance Singapore champion, Hanna, this is the place to go if you aspire towards the graceful, lyrical performance style that she is well-known for.

Hanna is also a certified yoga instructor and has the overall flexibility of a rubber band. (We’re talking Spatchcocks, Eagles, and Rainbow Marchenkos)

Which is why The Yoga Pole Studio had to open up a new class on their timetable for their ‘Backbends and Splits’ class which got fully booked out even before they opened for business! Cos if anyone can help you get the back of your head to the back of your knee, it will probably be Hanna.

Their pole classes include Pole Fit levels which sound more trick technique based, and a range of dance classes included Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, and interestingly, Latin pole.

If you’re not a Bobbi’s girl from Singapore and don’t already know who Hanna is, you can check out her showreel from when she entered an Indonesian television talent competition in 2012 and placed in the top 5.


2) SLAP Dance Studio 

If you were to ask any of the regular Advanced-level girls at Bobbi’s to name their go-to instructor at Bobbi’s for advanced tricks, you’d probably hear a chorus of, ‘Naokooooooo!!!’


Naoko, aka Miss Pole Dance South-East Asia

That is, until recently.

Because she now helms her own pole studio: the deliciously naughty-sounding SLAP Dance Studio.

They’re not open for business yet, but since Naoko is the 2012 champion of Miss Pole Dance South East Asia, I’m thinking this will become the go-to studio for more advanced, strength-based, pole tricksters. This is especially since their poles will be 40mm chrome, and not brass.

But! SLAP studioRumour has it that they will also offer Striptease and Lap classes, (yay!) so if power moves aren’t really your thing (raises hand) you can simply get your sexy on over there too.

SLAP Dance Studio is having an official open house on November 15th, so go check it out if you’re free cos I hear they will be offering some great opening promos. Sadly, I won’t be in town on that day as I’ll be in Dubai for a work trip. *sulky face*


But at least I have something else to cheer me up, because tonight….


…I leave for Sydney to watch the 10th annual MISS POLE DANCE AUSTRALIA finals!!!!

(I had to resist typing that whole sentence in caps, cos.. omg! omg! OMG!!!)

Last year one of my instructors flew over to watch MPDA, and I was suddenly overcome with envy and regret as I read her joyous texts live from inside the Enmore Theatre. So I decided there and then that I’d make the trip there myself this year and be there in person to watch it.

Little did I realise that this year would be the 10th anniversary of MPDA, and that Felix Cane would decide to step out of competition retirement to compete. Hell, my plane ticket just paid for itself right there!

And since a few of us are going together, we’ve booked private classes with Bobbi, Chilli, and last year’s MPDA champion, Jedda Jordan! I’m totally looking forward to meeting Jedda in person, and trying her signature Chair Tricks! We’re also doing a workshop with the legendary Fontaine, and hopefully, ex-MPDA champion Porsche as well.

Oops, I realise that this is completely off-tangent from my original post about the new studios here in Singapore, but I’m so super excited that all I can think about right now is going to the Motherland of Pole Dancing! Aka, Sydney.

Okay, time to get out of bed now (cuz I’m on leave today, duh!) and pack.

See you later! xoxox

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1 Response to And.. Even.. MORE! New!! Studios!!!

  1. Jess says:

    Do you know whether there’s any contortion class in any of these new pole studios? 🙂
    Are you still doing contortion at Mpds?

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