So. Many. New. Studios!!!

Wow, it’s great to be a student here right now.

Since Milan Pole Studio opened it’s Singapore branch slightly over 2 months ago, a sudden rush of other new pole studios have been popping up all over the place like crazy!

Okay fine, 3.

..and that practically DOUBLES the current number of dedicated pole studios in our tiny island! Cos we were 3, then 4, and now 7!

Let’s meet the new players then, shall we?

So in no particular order (except of course, the vital sequence in which the appeared on my radar, lol):

#1 Studio Sands
They’re already open for business and offered free pole practice and some trial classes during their recent launch.

Apart from regular pole choreography, they offer Doubles classes, and also K-Pop pole if you’re into that.

You can check out their introduction video here, which they open by dancing around barefoot in an MRT station to classical music.

(Personally, I would have kept my shoes on cos MRT station floors are kinda gross and will no doubt turn the soles of your feet very black.)

#2 PoleLAB

PoleLAB’s Facebook Page says it will open around October. The concept looks to be that of a gym-cum-pole studio rolled into one so that you can work out, then work on the pole. I’m not a gym person at all, but I get how that would appeal to the more trickster-focused students and pole-fitness enthusiasts in general.

According to their website, their poles are both 40mm brass and 45mm chrome. Yay to 40mm brass, I say!

You can check out PoleLAB’s introduction video here. It doesn’t look like the space they shot this video in is the actual PoleLAB studio space though.


#3 POLE DANCE ACADEMY !!! (…of the Michelle Shimmy & Maddie Sparkle fame!!)

Okay, confession time: I’m actually not like a gigantic fan of Shimmy or Maddie yet.

Yet! I said ‘Yet’ ok!

Hey, I wasn’t even a fan of Prana’s either until I met her when she moved here for 2 months, and now I love that woman to bits and stalk her on Instagram.

So to be fair, I’ve never met Shimmy or Maddie but I have heard lots of good things about them and that’s a good start.

Anyway I feel the best way to see if you really-truly-for-reals do like a pole teacher, is not by just deciding that you like what you see on their YouTube channel, but to do a class with them in person.

Cos then you get to see what they’re really like as people. And yes I’ve taken classes before with some super-famous (non-Bobbi’s) instructors that I didn’t end up really liking even tho I agree that they’re greatly talented.

*Cos, not everyone will like everyone, and not everyone has to! End of story and don’t ask who cos I won’t say.*

But…. Michelle Shimmy will be coming to Singapore for their official opening on September 28th and conducting workshops! So I will get my chance to meet her, learn from her in person, and eventually become a raving fan of hers after all!

I’ve signed up for her famous ‘Booty’ and ‘Spinning tricks & signature combos’ workshops. So excited.  She’s also conducting a Handstands workshop too but I don’t want to kill myself by crashing all 3 of them in together, since she’s teaching them all on the same day. If you’re registered into the Handstand workshop, let me know how it went okay?


Photo taken from Pole Dance Academy Singapore’s Facebook Page

I do wish she was teaching more and staying for longer but since PDA just opened a new studio in Sydney, I suppose Shimmy and Maddie simply can’t afford that much time away.

Kind of like how Bobbi herself only flies in for workshops here once a year as well.

(Can we maybe get some sort of Sydney/Singapore instructor exchange programme going though? Just saying… I’m sure everyone involved would be happy! )


So there you have it, suddenly there are so many options for pole enthusiasts to spend their hard-earned dollars at.

And each of the new studios have apparently been started by ex-students of all 3 of the first main pole studios here. (Did I say that out loud? Nevermind! But… Are you noticing a trend here? Heehee..)

Incredibly, I’ve even been hearing whispers on the grapevine that there could be more people opening MORE studios too, in the I-have-no-idea-how-distant future.

I’m not sure how reliable that info is, but I say, Bring it!

Cos more studio options equals more fun for students! Wow can you say, ‘spoilt for choice’ fast enough?

The only problem now is that I need to find more money soon to fund me some new classes!!

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2 Responses to So. Many. New. Studios!!!

  1. Ella says:

    Wow! Pole dance must be super popular in Singapore!!

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