Time to stop playing and start working again

Trying to absorb some Twerk power

Trying to somehow absorb some Twerk power

In the past couple of months, and especially since Milan Pole Studio Singapore opened it’s doors, I’ve been playing around instead of working.

Basically I’ve just been having fun by doing loads of dance-based classes instead of working on any pole tricks. Hell, I dropped out of Prep Advanced at week 6 and just messed around with different classes!

I call them the ‘Sexy-Flexy’ stuff: Twerk, Exotic, Floorwork, Slap, Stretch, Contortion, etc.. All the stuff that’s fun and not too tiring cos they don’t really require that much strength or stamina.

I could happily do those kinds of classes forever, I swear.

But alas, pole dancing at it’s best does include doing difficult aerial pole tricks, and I do enjoy them too.

So it’s time to stop playing around, and get my (somewhat heavier) ass back to work.

And I did just that by going for my first session of pole practice at Bobbi’s again …after 2 and a half months!!

Now we all know that with pole, you are constantly subjected to the ‘use it or lose it’ risk. And after not doing any tricks for so long, I was wondering if my body still remembered how to do a spin climb into pull-up-V!

Thankfully, it does.

I like to think that all the yoga I’ve been doing to make my membership worthwhile has been keeping some of my strength, but in truth it’s just really good muscle memory from constant past repetition.

I took it easy by just going through all the basic tricks I could think of to make sure they were still there: Static V, Jade, Allegra, Fallen Angel, DVD cover, and thankfully yes they all are…


With Feeeelixxxxxxx!

…Except that god, I felt winded!

The last time I felt that tired was when I did Felix Cane’s Beginner Pole Grooves workshop last month!

Now that was some serious fun.

She was here for the Bobbi’s Affaire charity event showcase featuring different group performances by our local Bobbi’s students, and instructors including Bobbi herself.

I didn’t take part in any of the performances but instead was a pole cleaner that night with my pole pal Angela.

I’d always wanted to be a pole cleaner for one of the studio’s events and was super happy when they assigned me with the task! Cos this was like the event of the year. With Bobbi and Felix!

So back to Felix. It was surreal meeting my biggest pole idol in person after 3 and a half years of pole. Luckily, I’ve met quite a few pole stars by now so I think I managed not to spazz out completely.

I found out backstage that she suffers from actual pre-performance jitters. Which was also surreal, because she’s Felix Cane for goodness sake! 3-time MPD Australia, and 2-time winner of the world pole championships! She looks better just warming up on her bad side than most pole dancers can ever dream of!

But she does get nervous, and it is adorable. And watching her perform made me realize that I really need to get my shit together and just get back to working on hard stuff again if I ever want to be remotely awesome competent on the pole in this lifetime.

Pole cleaning at the Bobbi's Affaire

Pole cleaning at the Bobbi’s Affaire

And so I’m starting with pole practice for now, since I haven’t signed up for any classes at all this term due to a total lack of confidence. (Plus some travel plans)

I’m trying to get back into a weekly pole practice habit to start with, now that my unlimited package at MPS has long ended and I’m not feeling rich enough to buy another.

So it’s back to good old solo pole practice, and even some blogging!

Cos this poor space was growing cobwebs.

Okay, I’ll just say it: I probably won’t be blogging as much as I used to in the past, as all of the 3 people who actually read this damn thing will have noticed by now. But I will say that I at least conducted a casual interview with Felix while she was here where she talks about stripping, among other things.

…Do you want to see it?

I hope so!

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7 Responses to Time to stop playing and start working again

  1. shimarella says:

    welcome back to poling and blogging more regularly! AND YES PLEASE TO THE FELIX INTERVIEW!!!!

  2. Ella says:

    YES! I want to read the interview!! I love your blog! It’s my favourite in addition to Aerial Amy’s. 🙂

  3. YAS, show us! and you’ve been missed 🙂 no other blog makes me feel like a huge pole slacker quite like yours, haha!

  4. fifi2006 says:

    Keep blogging!! I love reading!!

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