There’s a New Kid on the Block… Finally!

Hello, Sparklebuns!

Guess who Sparklebuns is? 

Earlier in the year, there were whispers flying around about a new pole studio opening in Singapore. A Facebook page even materialized, with a promising ‘Coming Soon’ poster on their cover page. The rumours flew fast and furious, along with the speculation about who was bringing them in.

But when the months went by quietly without any real updates on the Facebook page, I resigned myself to the fact that no new studio was opening here. The fever of excitement was over…

*Cue sad face + tears of crushing disappointment*

Then a few weeks ago, Milan Pole Studio (MPS) suddenly announced that it would be opening a new outlet here in July! Just like that, things were getting exciting again!

Before we knew it, they released info online about classes, prices, promotions, and the fact that they were flying in Prana from France to kickstart the local branch!

I must have downloaded the booking app and signed up for a 3-class trial within the first 20 minutes that they opened their system for registration.

And yesterday I did my first Contortion class at the brand spanking new Milan Pole Studio Singapore branch (MPS) in Bukit Pasoh. That’s just 4 train stations away from my office!

I’ve never tried Contortion before, as there aren’t any Contortion classes offered here. I’d tried to drop into one to try it when I was in London, but the class was full.

So considering it was my very first Contortion class, and my first time setting foot into Milan Pole Studio, I was pretty excited and nervous.

…But I didn’t have to be, because the class was full of familiar faces! Haha, it turns out that there are loads of aspiring contortionists at Bobbi’s Pole Studio cos most of the students were my fellow Bobbi’s girls.

The MPS studio itself is airy and clean, with nice high ceilings and custom-made one-piece 42″ stainless steel Lupit poles. The space seemed bigger in person than in the photos I’d seen on Facebook.

We were instructed to partner up and share a yoga mat, so all of us managed to fit quite comfortably in the studio.

But first, Prana! I’d heard of her before but never really had any impression of her til now. She’s friendly, gives great instruction (she was nominated for instructor of the year 2013 by IPC, Duh!), has a killer buff body and reminds me slightly of Rihanna.

Bow pose has nothing on Partner Contortion... my back thinks it did 300 of these

Bow pose has nothing on Partner Contortion…
my back thinks it did 300 of these now

We also quickly discovered that if she touches you during class, your body is going to scream because she really knows how to contort and adjust you into brand new directions that you never imagined.

Last night I spent 40 minutes on my trusty Osim back massager before going to bed, which usually helps tremendously in easing stiffness the next day. But I still woke up shocked at how sore my whole back felt this morning. In a good way though, because I’m not in any actual pain or anything. It just feels as if I did 300 yoga Bow poses consecutively.

So now I can’t wait to try the other 2 classes I signed up for: Twerk on Tuesday, and Exotic Dance on Thursday. I heard the Exotic Style at MPS is pretty different from what Bobbi’s girls will be used to, which makes me feel quite curious…

Also, considering that Prana has already been nicknamed, ‘Miss Sparklebuns’ on the MPS Facebook page, I’m pretty sure her Twerk class is probably going to be quite different from anything I’ve done so far since I haven’t tried any Twerk classes before either.

I just hope she goes easy on us, because I watched this video and if that’s the kind of Twerking involved, then I’m totally screwed!

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