Sometimes you just need a good SLAP!

Intermediate SLAP, where you discover the most creative ways to use a foldable chair

And you thought you knew how to use a foldable chair!

…No no, not in the face. Sheesh, calm down already! No one is bitch-slapping anyone here, okay? Lol!

I’m talking about Strip & Lap (Slap) classes.

I hadn’t done a Slap class for ages, and I’d forgotten how much fun it is to dance without the pole. Honestly, it’s just as hard to do a good chair & floorwork routine as it is to do a pole routine.

In fact, it can be harder when there are no pole tricks at all to hide behind. It means that you have to be 100% confident in your sensuality and dance coordination because that’s pretty much all that’s on display.

When I first started doing Slap classes ages ago, I was surprised at how far out from my comfort zone they brought me. I felt more exposed, more vulnerable, more awkward. SO much more awkward!

It’s easy enough to rush through dance moves for a few beats before jumping into a pole trick to distract yourself and your audience. But if you have to work on nothing else except those dance moves, it forces you to confront whichever parts of them make you feel uncomfortable.

Be it the moves themselves, or how you feel about the body parts that are being isolated through them. But if you stick with it, you’ll find your body moving in ways you may never have allowed it to before.

And so I feel that Strip & Lap classes are a pole dancer’s secret weapon.

They get the awkward out of your sexy, and help your body get comfortable with basically everything that happens in-between the tricks.

This term’s intermediate Slap routine was a doubles partner choreography, which requires even more coordination than usual. Why, just being able to wave your legs in sync facing your partner without hitting her on head with your foot is a skill all by itself!

I wasn’t even planning to do Slap this term (or anytime in the near future) but due to unforeseen circumstances, I ended up doing it during the last week of term. It was my first lesson, and the last lesson for the term. Talk about taking a crash course!

Luckily for me, some friends sent me their class videos so I could familiarize myself with the choreography, and Po.lita is a great teacher. I even managed to find willing partners to perform with during performance week too and had so much fun with them!

Messing around with my SLAP sisters

Messing around with fellow sexy SLAP sisters

So after months and months of not doing any Strip & Lap classes, my love for Slap has definitely been reignited and I’m going to resume with Slap in the new term, which starts next week.

And after a whole lot of consideration, I signed up for Prep Advanced again too… despite being stuck in a looooong pole slump recently. (The same pole slump that’s also resulted in major pole-blogging writer’s block.)

I reckon that I’ll never ride out this plateau that I’m on if I don’t at least push myself with Prep Advanced every other term. And quite a few of my pole pals are signed into it too so at least we can all practice together.

Plus, it’s this song!!!

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2 Responses to Sometimes you just need a good SLAP!

  1. omg, I FINALLY KNOW what “slap” means!! Thank you, that was driving me nuts 😀 but yes, secret weapon indeed–presentation is everything in pole. You can do incredibly difficult tricks, but without executing them with the proper flair and confidence, they can tall totally flat. And the on the other hand, someone can do nothing but a walk, a few spins, and some floorwork and be totally mesmerizing. great point, great post 🙂

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