Lost my pole mojo, but I think it’s on the floor…


Lefty Jade is getting flatter :)

Lefty Jade is getting flatter 🙂

Besides just having writer’s block lately, *ahem* I’ve been in a pole slump for a while.

Fyi, pole slumps are totally different from pole plateauswhere you work and work but don’t get any better. In a slump, you just lose the excitement for it even though technically you may have improved.

For the first time since I was a beginner, I’ve cut down my pole time to just once a week and just haven’t felt inspired lately to either pole that much or write about it.

Even though I’ve actually found the prep advanced routine much easier than I thought it would be this term, it just hasn’t really excited me.

Of course, easier still doesn’t mean easy… the trick combos are still very long and challenging, and getting through the routine is a matter of having enough stamina to complete the whole thing without looking like a wreck halfway through.

So far, I’ve been able to complete the routine but I’m still working on the not-looking-like-a-wreck bit. My overall skills have improved and all but I just haven’t been having that much fun lately.

Fortunately I did manage to figure out what’s been missing for me, and it’s the fact that I just haven’t felt sexy on the pole in a while! With too much focus on tricks and not enough fun dancing, my pole mojo gets lost and I haven’t really been able to find it all term.

Which is why I’m taking a break next term…

…from Prep Advanced.
(Did you really think I could go without pole for 2 whole months?!)

And I’m signing up for Advanced Pole Grooves (that’s APG for short) again, where the focus is simply on dancing a fun (and hopefully sexxxxayyyy) routine.

Cos you know, the whole point to pole dancing has always been about the expression of sensuality and never about busting out tricks.

Although in the past few weeks I have actually made significant progress with my lefty jade, and all that twisting in the opposite direction probably means that I may not have to eventually spend my 80’s permanently leaning towards one side after all!

But what I really miss right now is just some good old floor work. Floor work is my personal antidote to doing too many pole tricks and not enough dancing, and also my preferred form of freestyling.

In fact, why isn’t there a class where you just learn to slither around provocatively, twerk while crawling, and perfect getting your ‘sexy face’ on? We could call it FLOORGASM!! I think it’d be a hit…

Plus it’d probably be super hilarious to be in. (Do you not know how funny it looks when you’re staring at your butt backwards in the mirror on all fours, trying to will it into cooperating while the only expression your face can manage is one of pure frustrated concentration??)

Hey, I’d sign up! Hell, I’d teach it if they let me but I’d need to work on that twerking first…

In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to a booty-shaking good time in APG soon. Fingers crossed that there will be at least some floor work involved!

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