..are we there yet?

That terrifying moment before the first class begins...

That terrifying moment before the first class begins…

So Week One of the new-and-improved, much harder version of Prep Advanced started this week.

I’d been dreading it with fear and loathing after hearing about all the crazy new tricks that have been thrown in, and shaking at the thought of learning them from the reigning Miss Pole Dance South-East-Asia.

You’d be scared too, at the thought of doing things like a Closed-Leg Handstand Pike, (on good days when I’m nice and warm, I can manage the normal Handstand) a Lefty DVD Cover, (Regular DVD is still my weakest Prep trick, and so help me God I can’t even get up into a Lefty DVD Pike) a One-Armed Kick-up Handstand, (Um.. Whuuut?!) and a freaking Handspring. (Can we please not even go there?!!!)

The Handspring in particular, was one of those big tricks that I had no interest in even attempting for at least another year and a half.

But apparently it’s now going to be in the current Prep Advanced Syllabus, so just kill me now already.

The only thing that keeps things happy for me is that for the first time in way over a year, all my pole bitchezz are signed into the same class with me!

Team SPLARCH for the win!

Team SPLARCH for the win!

We decided last term that we all needed to do at least one class together and so the minute after this term’s timetable was released, we snatched the thing up, scrutinized it for a suitable slot, and tried to sign up before anything even keyed into the system for booking.

Anyway, our first class wasn’t all thaaaat bad I guess… only we might have attempted about 10 DVD covers in total on both the right and wrong sides, which explains the photo below.

I’m just trying not to think about what I’m going to feel like in the coming weeks ahead…

and Destroyed after class

…just slightly destroyed after class

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3 Responses to ..are we there yet?

  1. romcam says:

    I feel you! DVD on wrong side feels…just so wrong? I can’t even do a wrong sided left leg hand (so that would be wrong right leg hang?) so why the hell am I doing DVD covers haha. Handspring and closed leg handstand sound the scariest though! Good luck with the routine! I’m sure you’ll get it in no time!

  2. Chwenny says:

    Thanks! I’ll probably just find substitute moves for everything.. heheh. I’ve been working the wrong side for a while now but a Lefty DVD is really just not happening yet!

  3. krissykiki says:

    This was a great reminder for me to work on my weaker side for the dvd cover

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