Welcome to SPLARCH!


Ok so maybe I also just wanted to take a photo of my fave palmtree-printed  leggings, but seriously. #splarch is a thing now.

Last year, I totally missed the Splits-September (Splits-tember) boat. Mostly out of laziness and non-motivation. Then Folly-Jang and I had a conversation about how technically every month could be a split-themed month.. like Split-Ober, Split-Vember, Split-Cember, Split-anuary, Split-bruary, and omg… SPLARCH!!!

Immediately, we decided that Splarch absolutely had to happen. And here we are!

So I humbly present to you the beginning of our very own movement: SPLARCH.

Yes, I mostly like it because it sounds wonderfully wrong and even slightly vulgar. Those are usually good enough motivating factors for me to do stuff. Oh yes, and there’s the part about improving your splits which is kind of neat too.

Even though there are currently all of 5 people who are in, (myself included) which hardly qualifies SPLARCH as a movement per se, we’ve gone ahead and created our own #splarch hashtag on Instagram. Just so you know,  the other 4 kind people whom we collectively know can potentially humor us by posting their own #splarch photos.

Anyhoo, you are most welcome to join our SPLARCH movement. Just think of it as a mini throw-back to Splits September which happened half a year ago already!

Peace out.

About Chwenny

Body, soul, and pole!
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