Happy New Year, and yay for muscle recovery!

Just figured how to X-man down with control. Now to work on holding the damn thing!

Just figured how to X-man down with control. Now to work on holding the damn thing!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Okay I know I’m a little late but hey, it’s still January!

So far, January has been pretty awesome.

Heck, December was great too… I took 2 weeks off just before Christmas and did a bunch of Bikram’s yoga with my bestie who quit her fancy corporate job to become a full-time Bikram yoga instructor.

Let me tell you, that Bikram stuff is hard core. 90 minutes in 40 degrees is no joke. My body doesn’t just sweat doing Bikrams, it weeps. It weeps hard.

Which is why I thought that I’d be well prepared for the super-challenging hot Pilates class that I have a love-hate relationship with at my regular yoga studio. After all, it’s only 60 minutes long.

Not even!

Omg I had to pause twice during the class just to catch my breath, amidst the burning of my arms, chest, abs, glutes, thighs, calves and big toes. Seriously, that class is crazy tough. And not just because I hadn’t done it for months…

About 8 people walked out half way through, so it can’t just have been me who was struggling to keep up. But I like classes like that, because you feel like a champion at the end of it as you stumble your way out into the changing room.

Then last night, I did a machines-based Pilates reformer class from my last Groupon purchase. Man, those reformer machines are really effective modern-day torture devices! I can’t even remember the last time I felt my inner thigh muscles shake so much from exertion. I do recall incredulously staring at the giant clock on the wall in front of me, marveling at how time stands still when you have weighted pulleys strapped to your feet with 7 more reps of core crunches to do.

I’m going back for another session new Wednesday, and when that’s done I’ll do another week of Bikrams before settling down and committing to doing the difficult hot-pilates class twice a week at my regular yoga studio again.

Why am I torturing my body silly with all these workouts, you ask?

…Because its JANUARY, and that’s when I promised myself that I would put my lazy ass back into Prep Advanced Pole, that’s why!

So yes, I’ve been back in Prep for the past 3 weeks now, trying to get back into the swing of doing pole tricks at this level. After spending the past 2 terms cruising through with dance-based classes, its been no walk in the park.

Also, the extra 2+ kilos I gained over Christmas probably isn’t doing me any favours. But a little extra booty isn’t a bad thing except that I need to suck it up and work a little harder every time I lift myself upside down.

Why the container has to be so big, I have no idea

You can’t tell but the container is massive

Thank goodness I just discovered the magic that is protein powder! Normally the Pilates classes alone would be enough to make me ache for 3 days straight, but now I just drink a serving of chocolate-flavoured Whey goodness and I wake up feeling just fine, as if nothing ever happened.

Seriously though, this has got to be the best thing I’ve discovered for pole since Brazilian IPL. I’ve been waking up the past 3 weeks feeling amazed at how not-sore I feel. Why didn’t anyone tell me before that I could reduce my muscle recovery down time by a fraction?! I sure could have used it back when I was still mastering my basic invert!

But I’m not complaining. It just means I can now train harder a lot more frequently and without all the usual soreness.

Apparently you can even make brownies with protein powder which sounds like total WIN to me, but I’m still happy just washing it down with milk for now.

How’s your January been? And what workout-boosting supplements do you use?

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  1. heartnpole says:

    Haha, thanks for the link back to my post on protein brownies! ❤

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