Aint no friends like pole girl friends

Every girl needs a pair of 7" super shiny shoes

Every girl needs a pair of 7″ super shiny shoes

One of the things I enjoy most about pole is hanging out with my pole girl friends. We affectionately refer to each other as our ‘pole bitchezz’.

This is us posing as retarded happy reindeers...

This is us posing as retarded happy reindeers…

It’s been about 3 years since I first stepped into Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore, and in that time I’ve made a whole new bunch of girl friends from al different walks of life. Our collective obsession binds us and transcends all age gaps, occupations, and personalities.

...and then as sad reindeers

…and then as sad reindeers

I can chat with them on What’sApp all day and night, and sometimes we do! But it’s not all about pole of course.

In the past couple of years that I’ve gotten closer to all my pole bitches, we’ve opened up about all the other parts of our lives too. Work, love, family, etc.. We’ve been to each others’ homes, met up for non-pole related outings, and eaten about a hundred times of our own body weights in food together by now.

Looking all ladylike before the massive food we order covers the entire table

Looking all ladylike before our massive food order covers the entire table

Pole was a social activity for me right from the beginning, and it still is. When an activity is shared with a friend, it gives you extra motivation to keep at it. And when you share it with an entire group of friends, it becomes so much more enjoyable!

But I’ve having some separation anxiety right now, cos one of my fave pole bitchezz (who happens to share the same name as me in real life) is flying to Hong Kong for a while to chase a big pole-related dream. (Whoo-hoo!)

Go, team SueAnn(e) !!!

Go, team SueAnn(e) !!!

This, happening on the same week that our beloved, long-term studio front-desk manager  is leaving Bobbi’s!

Sunshine! Don't goooooo!!

Sunshine! Don’t goooooo!!

Heck, it being holiday season, lots of my friends are flying or have already flown off for  extended vacations as well!

But that’s okay, cos I have more than enough beloved pole bitchezz here to keep me company and go for pole practice with. And in the meantime, we will all be chatting away on What’sApp anyways!

Why hold a pole when you can hold a booty?

Polite pole bitchezz will just hang onto your shoes, but I’m not one of those

Happy holidays! xoxo

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