Poledancing: Trick or Treat?

As part of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Group, I occasionally participate in themed Blog Hops, when all the different Pole Dance Bloggers write about a common theme. This month’s theme is : “The Sanitization of Pole Dance: Trick or Treat”


IMG_6900Between ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’, my choice has always been ‘Treat’.

Even when it comes to pole dancing. Or rather, especially when it comes to pole dancing.

Pole Tricks are easy to identify, but what exactly are Pole Treats? To me, it’s the element of sensuality mixed in with dance. Because that’s a real treat to indulge in as a dancer, and to watch in another dancer.

As much as I love nailing new pole tricks as much as anyone else does, I’m not a big pole trickster. The tricks are part of the greater whole, which is made up of self-expression, freedom, and sensuality through dance. They do not make up the experience of pole by themselves for me.

In fact, the whole reason why I got into pole dancing in the first place almost 3 years ago was because I felt my sensuality calling out to me to give it some much needed attention! I had running our company with my husband for a little over a year, and had been busy restructuring the business. So busy, that for a few years, that was practically all I existed for.

After things got more stable and I had more breathing space, I realized how little attention I’d left myself. In particular, my sense of personal sensuality.

And Sensuality is different from Sexuality. It’s often more difficult to express, unlike sexuality which is usually quite clearly defined if you’re in a relationship.

But how do you express your own sensuality in a non-sexual context? Unless you’re already super comfortable with it or are quite liberal, I find that there aren’t that many appropriate ways to express it in day-to-day life. Particularly in an Asian society.

So there I was, feeling drained and dull, and wondering where that little part of me had gone to.

Luckily I had seen a rare (in those days) pole showcase a few years before and had been fascinated at how beautiful and sensuous it looked. So I grabbed a girl friend and signed up for some pole classes, and the rest is history.

As it turns out, that little part of me is now a really important part of me, and expressing my sensuality plays a huge role in my happiness and well-being!

Sure, pole is very physical and the tricks are what make it super fun and challenging. But that’s not the reason I love it. What I love is the dancing, and being unabashedly sexy when I’m dancing.

To be perfectly honest, that’s really all I’m interested in! So any time I touch the pole, my primary objective is to express my sensuality, in whichever way it happens to look like on that given day. It may not always look good, and it may not always even look sexy per se, but it’s what I’m there for.

Nailing tricks and getting fit is just what happens along the way.

So yes, I like my pole sexy. I choose pole dancing over pole fitness, I choose lacy lingerie and swimwear over sports bras and yoga shorts. I choose floor work over aerial trickery. I like it stripper-style, with stripper heels.

I choose Treat over Trick. And if all that’s not a treat, I don’t know what else is!


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4 Responses to Poledancing: Trick or Treat?

  1. You are seriously rocking those sexy boots!

    This is what I love about pole: there is something for everyone. I really don’t think pole would be as powerful for any of us if we sanitized it. Also, I would love to read more about how Asian society maybe affects your view of pole or limits your sensuality. Hmmm maybe I should also make a post about how my Hispanic background relates to this. Your post gives me a lot to think about 🙂

    xo adAstra

  2. lolorashel says:

    You rock…one of the originals in the pole blogging world. Love this post. 🙂

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