Life goes on… even with just ONE pole class a week

Down-split: Lefty vs regular side. Must work on touching head to bottom foot and top foot to pole

Down-split: Lefty vs regular side. Must work on touching head to bottom foot and top foot to pole

So far the weekly pole & yoga practice is going pretty well.

I kicked off Workout Groupon #1 from Califirnia Fitness with a session of yoga, which I hadn’t done since January this year.

Being a total newbie at California Fitness, I’d unwisely showed up 3 minutes late into the class and found myself standing in a sea of people facing me from their mats.

I found out from the lady sitting nearest to me that the mats are kept in the furthest corner from the entrance, and was contemplating how best to navigate my walk of shame through the crowd when the instructor asked me to use his extra mat right in front of the room.

Which was absolutely not awkward or embarrassing in any way.

Thank god it was a moderate Hatha 2 class!

Despite not having done any yoga at all for about 8 months, I felt stronger and bendier than before, thanks to pole. In fact, I felt like a rock star holding on to my foot with a straight leg in the balancing series! And every time the instructor touched my toes onto the back of my head!

But that’s only because most of my fellow yogis were non-pole-dancing middle-aged folk. There was this one uncle who did an awesome unassisted tripod shoulder stand tho!

Anyway, I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed yoga until that class.

Then of course, the instructor immediately went on vacation for 3 weeks, and will only be back next week.

So I’ve been doing Pilates instead, which has gently reminded me that I am no fitness rock star at all, and am in fact still a core-less weakling with negligible upper body strength.


Besides that, I’ve diligently been going for pole practice 3 times a week, usually after Pilates/yoga. This term I’m taking things slow and steady. Mostly just strengthening, conditioning, and left side training.

I realized that I had been using bad technique for my lefty spin climb, and have been busy trying to re-learn it, along with a bunch of other inter-3 level tricks that I can already do on my right side.

Which is absolutely un-exciting, boring and repetitive, but what I need to do.

My Floor Work class on the other hand, is proving to be really challenging!

Don’t let the word ‘Floor’ fool you into thinking it’s easy. Actually, the term ‘Floor Work’ is a total misnomer because the class should really be called ‘Super FAST floor choreography, with EQUAL parts POLE tricks done in LEGGINGS to make things HARDER”.

Seriously, Bobbi did the whole thing in leggings, bless her crazy heart. I’m talking aerial Candy into left leg hang, Stags on both sides, Teddy, DVD cover, and splits all over the place, standing, sitting, kneeling, you name it!

I get drenched in sweat doing it, and we’re only half way through the routine. Seriously, I don’t even know how to find it in me to get into a DVD cover later on.

Which I still struggle with, even though it’s been almost a year since I started working on it! It’s more of a mental struggle actually, because I still have fear surrounding it. Fear of getting up there in my pike, fear that I’ll slip and come crashing down, fear that I’ll never nail it, etc…

And all those fears stopped me from even trying the Static V for the longest time. As my pole pal Anni knows very well, just the sight of my own feet leaving the pole as I look up from my pike causes me to scream spontaneously!

But after weeks of making all my friends patiently hold on to my butt and listen to my screaming, yesterday I finally managed to do a static V on my own!

Okay, so Anni still stood behind me, and she was shouting, “Stay longer! Stay longer!” Cos pole pals are awesome that way.

But still.

Progress is progress!

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