Another amazing experience: Amateur Night 2013

With hunny-pole-bunnies, Po.lita & Queenish!

Backstage with hunny-pole-bunnies, Po.lita & Queenish!

So Amateur Night happened last Saturday, and of course, it was great. Months of preparation, worry and anxiety all came to a climax of 3 minutes on stage, which of course, felt like the blink of an eye.

It was my second time participating, and it was just as thrilling as the first. I’m pretty sure now that it will always be just as exciting no matter how many times you may have taken the stage before!

A couple of people asked me if it was any easier doing Amateur Night the second time round, and the answer is well.. both yes and no.

We were winners during rehearsal ;)

We were all winners during rehearsal 😉

‘Yes’ because certain things will obviously be much easier once you’ve already been through them, like the rehearsal process.

Last year I was really shy about showing my routine to anyone once I’d finished choreographing it, but this year I knew that your confidence in it increases every time it gets performed.

Also, the thought of being up
on stage in front of a crowd now no longer scares me but excites me!

Love doing the Jade, if only my back loved it too..

I really love the Jade, now if only my back loved it too..

But there are other factors that get thrown in when it’s no longer your first time performing your own piece in public…

Namely, the fear that you won’t be as good as you were the first time

On hindsight, that was probably the thing was was bugging me the most throughout the entire journey this year… I just wasn’t able to
identify it until much closer to the event itself.

Luv these 2 hotties!

Contestants G6, G5, & G4. Luv these 2 hotties!

After all, I was really happy with my debut Amateur Night performance last year and still feel proud of it now when I watch the fantastic pole video that my brother-in-law produced.

Hence the big, “What if I suck this year in comparison?!”

But as I waited in the wings and watched the girls before me perform just before it was my turn to go onstage, I saw something truly amazing… and after I finished performing my piece and walked off the stage, it turned into a real epiphany!

Yay, no more pain!

Yay, I can do a pain-free Allegra now!

Here’s what it is: It doesn’t matter if you have major doubts, it
doesn’t matter how scared you are, and it doesn’t even matter if you have a really shitty rehearsal (like I’d had) just a few hours before…

Because the moment you step onto that stage and the spotlight’s on
you, something happens: all that fear, doubt, and anxiety disappears and gets replaced by the pure joy of performing! You’re in the zone, and it’s surreal. Mistakes might happen, but that doesn’t take away the exhilaration of expressing yourself fully.

A few cheeky moments

A few cheeky moments..

By showtime, all of us participants had already seen each other performing our routines quite a few times during the full dress rehearsals.

But the instant we all got on stage for real, there was an extra magic that suddenly sprang out of us and lit us up! And that extra spark just made it seem as if we were watching each other for the first time.

Post-performance with lovely instructor Charlene. Thanks for your great tips!

Post-performance with lovely instructor Charlene. Thanks for your great tips!

That’s the reason why we all subject ourselves to the stress and hard work of putting our own solo public performance together.

That night, I didn’t have a single alcoholic drink as usual, but I did
feel totally high for the rest of the night! Especially whenever a
friend or stranger stopped to tell me that they loved my performance…

I even got approached by 2 girls I didn’t recognize who wanted to take a photo with me! I asked who they were there to support
and apparently they’d just come to watch as one of them is a student
at Bobbi’s. I so happily buzzed when one of them said she voted for me
that I forgot to ask them their names!

(If you’re reading this, you girls made my night! ) 🙂

All the amazing contestants and our instructors

All the amazing Amateur Night 2013 contestants and our fabulous instructors

So now that the dust has settled, I can show you the video of this year’s
performance that my brother-in-law shot! *massive grin*

Yes he runs his own professional video production company, which is why the video is fabulous and why I’m the luckiest girl in town! Cos all pole dancers know that after the performance itself is over, it’s all about the video right??! LoL

So here it is. I love the ‘Grindhouse’ effect he added in. Totally makes me feel like Rose Mc Gowan in that opening strip club dance scene of ‘Planet Terror’. Haha, I wish..!

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11 Responses to Another amazing experience: Amateur Night 2013

  1. HAhaha hell yeah it’s ALL about the video and photos! Talk about delayed gratification hahahah.

  2. fifi2006 says:

    Such a fan Chwenny! So inspiring to see u up there! Loved it!!

  3. Debs says:

    NAIICEE!! Now, thanks to you, E and Miss Folly, I am seriously considering taking part next year! Just need to get over the fear!

  4. heartnpole says:

    I love your floorwork! 🙂 And really nice video!

  5. Awesome dance – and your legs look incredible! Very envious 😉 Your jade looks stunning

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