It is what it is: 2 days before Amateur Night!!

All you need to create stage markings at home is a measuring tape, some duct tape, and a brother assistant. Heheh

All you need to create stage markings at home is a measuring tape, some duct tape, and a brother assistant. Heheh

About some time last week, I finally finished putting my Amateur Night routine together. Which is really late, considering that the event is happening this Saturday!

That’s even longer than how long it took me to get it together last year, when I decided to sign up for Amateur Night at the last possible minute.

And it’s not from lack of effort that I got my routine up so late this time… I actually chose my song very early on, and although it’s always been one of my favourite hits, I struggled really hard with it!

You see, everyone has a preferred style of movement, and mine is slow and sensuous. I just hadn’t fully realised that s-l-o-wwww and sensuoussss is my body’s absolute comfort zone. Until I picked a song which requires movement that’s a lot sharper, faster and cuter than my usual style.

That’s why it took me almost six whole weeks to choreograph a routine that I feel will at least fit with the song! (K this is where the whining starts, don’t say I didn’t warn you..)

I actually started working on it ages ago: I freestyled to it, watched the music video for inspiration countless times, thought about it endlessly, and finally managed to think up only one combo of tricks for the last part of the song. Those tricks weren’t even all ones that I could nail effortlessly (what was I thinking?!) and I spent 3 weeks just trying to master 2 of them.

I eventually did train myself to get in and out of an Allegra (spoiler alert) but later fell on my face trying to nail leg waves in a Piston Grip. And at that point, that one stupid, overly-ambitious combo was still all I had to my so-called routine!

Then when we ran through the first full-dress rehearsal just 2 weeks ago, I freestyled to more than half of the song, and discovered that my one combo at the end wouldn’t work due to space constraints.

Great. The only real thing I had wasn’t going to work! Back to the drawing board… I went home in a serious panic.

But somewhere in between my desperation that night, I somehow managed to think up 3 minute’s worth of dance, fillers, and simple non-inverted combos. (One thing I was always clear about was that I wanted the bulk of my routine to have the easiest and most non-tiring moves possible so I can just focus on the dance aspect.)

Also, Po.lita took some pity on me as she always does, and spent a couple of practice sessions helping me tweak and polish things up. I love that girl!

And so, with 2 days left to go before Saturday rolls around, I’m ready to get on that stage. My timing may not be spot-on, my tricks may not be perfect, and my moves may not be amazing, but…

It is what it is, and that’s all there is to it!

Wish me luck! 😉

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3 Responses to It is what it is: 2 days before Amateur Night!!

  1. I’m sure you’ll be great – you always make dancing look so elegant and classy 🙂

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