London Academy of Pole Dance

IMG_7417I visited 2 different pole studios during my virgin trip to London, the first being London Academy of Pole Dance (LAP).

I always love to do pole drop-in’s whenever I travel, and this time it was even more fun because I did the classes with my pole pal Ange, who happened to be in London at the same time!

We signed up for the ‘Int/Adv Sexy Pole Routine’ at LAP upon the insistence of our fellow pole addict Anni, who used to live and pole in London.

IMG_7447Her friend Lisa teaches the class, and used to train at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Australia, so we knew it would be the kind of hair-flipping, booty-shaking fun that we all love, and on spinning mode too!

Unfortunately, Lisa was traveling that very week and wasn’t able to teach the class! But we decided to still go for it anyway.


Hell yes, we did the splits in VS!

The plan was to meet at Oxford Street, get lunch, shop, then head to LAP and do a session of pole practice together before the Int/Adv Sexy Pole Routine class. But we totally lost track of time the minute we stepped into the flagship Victoria’s Secret boutique together (to put it mildly!) and didn’t make it for pole practice.

What can I say.. the love of underwear is a powerful thing!

We did manage to pry ourselves out in time for the class, and made it over to the studio at Old Street.


With Mihael

The studio is located in the basement of the building, and has about 7 poles in different finishes and widths. We’d heard that one of them was a 40mm Brass pole and were really hoping to use it but it was already taken by the time we arrived, so we settled on sharing a 45mm chrome. After all, a 45mm pole on spinny is still much better than a 50mm pole on static!

We found out that Mihael the instructor, is mostly an aerialist but also teaches pole. The very nature of aerial work requires almost freakish amounts of upper-body strength, and the instructors from Bobbi’s who do silks are hard-core STRONG.

So it’s no wonder that Mihael’s warm up consisted of different kinds of planks and push-ups that nearly killed me.

IMG_7440Because it’s a sexy choreography class, most of the students brought their own heels which made me wish I was wearing my nice warm thigh-high boots with socks! My feet were freezing with every step I took on the cold wood floor, and I would have killed for a pair of leg warmers.

Luckily, the tricks themselves were manageable enough. I cant quite remember exactly what they were now, but i do recall Mihael coming over to help us with a transition or two.

My biggest problem was mostly being way too cold and constantly sliding down the pole. Ange seemed way better accustomed to the temperature, having been based in freezing Toronto for the past few months!

The routine itself was fun, and before we knew it the class was already over and it was time to go. Mihael asked what level we were from and said we did a good job!

The class was enjoyable but I’m pretty sure though, that it would have been an entirely different experience if it had been taught by Lisa as we’d originally thought it would. …If only because she used to be a teensy-tiny-panty-wearing Bobbi’s girl too!

Oh well, if I ever have a chance to visit in London again, I’ll definitely do her class then!

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