The Freak-Outs… we has it!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.28.44 PMSo I have officially entered the predictable, pitiful, pre-Amateur Night phase of “FML right Now, I can’t do this!!!”.

It’s that special time in a pole dancer’s life when the crushing self-doubt she feels about why she signed up for that damned competition in the first place gets overshadowed only by the pain of burning skin and muscles as she practices the same tricks over and over in an attempt to nail the combos that are currently a royal hot mess.

This particular phase also becomes even more poignant after she has just submitted a blog post for the pole studio tentatively entitled, ‘Surviving Your First Amateur Night’.  …In which she may or may not have mentioned that it was a fun thing to do.

*groans with wounds from self-inflicted irony*


So right now my back feels broken, there’s no more skin on my inner thighs, I have only a few disjointed bits of a routine that currently looks pretty dismal, feel totally stupid for picking a song that probably doesn’t even suit me, and well tick-tock you don’t stop.

Okay that’s (somewhat) enough whining for the moment.

*Deep breath* I feel marginally better after getting that off my chest.

Now excuse me while I go bathe in some Arnica..

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2 Responses to The Freak-Outs… we has it!

  1. Girl, all you need is THIS attitude:

    You’re going to be amazing!!

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