Starting the new term with some X-Factor


Luckily there’s no Simon Cowell around to shred us to pieces

It’s week 1 of term 4 now. The beginning of term is always my favourite part!

On Monday I went in for the very first class of X-Factor. It’s a brand-new course that was just introduced this term and is aimed at improving performance techniques. And it’s only been one lesson but so far I’m loving it!

Every lesson is taught by a different instructor who will go through a different aspect of what it takes to create that elusive X-Factor in performances. It’s being specially introduced this term because it’s almost that time of the year again… Amateur Night!! Yes I’m in again. But more on that later…

Monday’s class was taught by Charlene, who went through the topic of Planning Your Choreography.

I wasn’t nervous about Amateur Night until that point, but once she started going through all the things you need to consider when putting together a routine and really laying it out, I started getting worried!

Especially when the first tip was to ‘Do a reality check’ to see if you can really execute those ‘dream tricks’ and whether that fantasy pole image you have of yourself fits your actual pole personality.

I started wondering if the song I’ve picked even suits me, and whether I’d look like I’m trying too hard to do it justice.

After a few more pointers on music, tricks, and how to put them together, we started working on improving our dance musicality. That means dancing with the actual rhythm of the music, hitting the strong accents, flowing with softer portions, and making a sensible visual translation of the song.

Sounds like common sense yes, but it’s surprisingly hard. When you’re really focused on getting a difficult trick while still pointing your toes, the music tends to be the first thing that flies out the window… Suddenly it’s like we’re all performing to different songs and if you watched a class video without the sound on, you could mistake a slow ballad for a techno anthem.

Anyhoo, the exercise was to dance a simple combo to the chorus of a song, with our focus on the music. Usually we tend to rush into everything instead of holding our poses and so we just miss all the accents in the song.

Then we freestyled our own combos to the same tune, to further feel the music and express it. And finally, we filmed both combos.

I did a lot better with the freestyle than I did with the given combo, which is hardly surprising since I much prefer the free-and-easy approach to life as opposed to structured planning, and I like to improvise.

But I’ve realized through experience that having a plan makes things much easier in the long run, which is why I’m working on somehow coming up with a routine for amateur night asap…

Also, part of our homework was to ask a pole buddy what they think our strengths are. I admit that I contemplating putting my freestyle clip up here and asking for comments but chickened out. Haha, nope I’m not that brave / masochistic yet!

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1 Response to Starting the new term with some X-Factor

  1. Queenish says:

    You should, ur freestyle video was really nice!

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