Lyrical pole – the men don’t get it

Those shoes recently got stolen. I don't want to talk about it! :( *sob*

Those nice silver heels recently got stolen. I don’t want to talk about it.. 😦 *sob*

Besides the obviously sexy style of pole dancing, the studio also teaches the lyrical style of pole: flowy, balletic and emotional.

It’s beautiful to watch when done well, and not many girls at the studio are able to nail both the Lyrical and Sexy styles because they’re so vastly different from one another.

To be honest, not that many girls can nail the Lyrical style itself because Lyrical routines are usually a lot slower than sexy ones and require much more control. Lines have to be really extended, especially when they’re held longer, and it helps a great deal to have
both splits and back flexibility.

Usually, the lyrical class is filled with the most Advanced-level students as the routines are typically very difficult. And they seem to get harder with each passing term!

I’ve always wanted to try it but never felt good enough to even attempt it, let alone do justice to the beautiful routines. But this term, the studio introduced a multi-level Beginner Lyrical class so I jumped at the chance and signed up.

At first, it was a big struggle. Everything felt super awkward since the style is so far removed from the typical sexy ‘Bobbi’s’ style.

A lot of the movement in the lyrical style focuses on the upper body, unlike the sexy style where the movement is more focused on the lower body (hip rolls, body waves, booty popping, etc)

So epic

So epic. I ❤ Napoleon Dynamite.

It took a few weeks just for me to wrap my head around some of the hand movements, and most of the time I felt way more Napoleon Dynamite than Black Swan.

The fact that I’d missed the first 2 lessons by being away certainly didn’t help either. But even though every class was an exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone, the lyrical style eventually grew on me.

I’ve since discovered my inner emo-princess instead of the usual sexy/b*tchy look that I bust out for Slap routines. And I even think I finally made it to a somewhat semi-decent level in terms of the embracing the style.

In fact, I was quite happy to show my husband my new class video after we completed the Beginner Lyrical routine!

Until I showed it to him.

After just 30 seconds in, he said it was boring and way too slow. He also very sensitively declared, ‘This is so not you! I think you shouldn’t waste your time doing this class anymore’ and in the same breath, asked, ‘Don’t you feel stupid making all those awkward

*deep breath*

Once it started to dawn on him that I didn’t exactly share the same sentiment, (maybe it was the death glare?) he cooed something about along the lines of, ‘its not you, its just the style itself I’m not into.’

So I took it up with boy-bestie, who happens to have the best appreciation for pole dancing among any of my non-pole-dancing friends.

…And he too admitted that he doesn’t really get the Lyrical style. Even when it’s done flawlessly and the dancer is amaze-balls hot, it’s still a snore fest. And this coming from a man who shows me his favourite clips from So You Think You Can Dance.

As he husband succinctly puts it, “Ya it’s beautiful. But most guys will just go, ‘That’s nice’, then pull out their phones and check Facebook.”


But like it or not, it’s a reality check. The average dude really does see things differently from us chicks and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’d just prefer it if my husband weren’t so bloody tactless sometimes! But hey, the man has some redeeming qualities I guess. Like doing the cooking, mopping the floor and buying me chocolate.

But still, right..?!

Men! Pfft! What do they know!

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4 Responses to Lyrical pole – the men don’t get it

  1. Is it bad that i feel the exact same way as your man? eeeeeek!!! There I said it. 😉

  2. Cathy says:

    Okay I’m officially curious!! Is there anything on youtube that’s pretty representative of this style? I’m wondering if it looks like what I think it does. Interesting! And good on you for trying something out of your element 🙂

    • Chwenny says:

      Well this is an old video of one of my instructors at Bobbi’s Singapore from 2 years ago. She looks like the little doll inside a musical box!

      And you’re absolutely right about it being out of my element, thank you! Feel like a fish out of water trying to be graceful instead of sexy ;P

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