Pole dancing in Paris, Pt 2: Spin With Me

With Geoffrey

Isn’t he adorable?

After my first pole experience in Paris at Pink School, I was eager to check out a different studio. Spin With Me was recommended to me by my friend Valentina, the group owner of Pole Dancing Bloggers on Facebook.

I’d signed up for ‘Tricks N Dance’, which is a multi-level class. By now I really missed dancing, so I was looking forward to some pole choreo!

The studio address itself was relatively easy to locate, but looking at the building facade, I would never have guessed that there is a pole studio in the premises. Like most buildings in Paris, you need to key in a number code to open the front entrance.

Spot the pole studio

Spot the pole studio

Of course, I didn’t know the code, and I couldn’t find a doorbell to ring either, so for five long minutes I stood outside praying that I didn’t get the address mixed up.

Fortunately, a lady walked up and opened the door so I followed her in and rather awkwardly asked if she knew if there was a pole studio in the building. She did indeed know, and pointed to the first door inside. Turns out, she was going there herself!

IMG_7282She told me she was from Geneva, and that she takes classes at Spin With Me every time she’s in Paris. So I definitely got the feeling that Spin With Me was the right studio to be at!

Once inside, I was greeted by the friendly Geoffrey at the reception area who recognized me as the new drop-in student who’d called the day before.

The reception & waiting area

The reception & waiting area

Just before the class started, the instructor, Laurien, came up to introduce herself with a big smile, and asked if I could speak any French. She later made it a point to repeat her instructions in English for me. What a sweetheart!

The class was quite small with about 5 students, myself included. Ironically, the students at Spin With Me wear sexier pole outfits than the ones who attend Pink School, and they wear heels too!

The studio has 5 X-poles in it, so we didn’t need to share. I was very thankful that the one I used was 45mm wide. They were all on static mode when I arrived, but we were told to put them on spin mode for Tricks N Dance, which made me very happy!

IMG_7288After warm up, Laurien reviewed the previous week’s class choreography which included spins, pole turns, and a Layout. Then she went through some new moves: Side climb, invert into Chopper and an Allegra with one leg bent. I’d never done that variation of Allegra before, but managed to nail it with some spotting and adjusting from Laurien. Yay! A new trick in Paris!

After that, it was a matter of running through the choreo, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

IMG_7287In fact, I had such a good time that I signed up on the spot for another class held the next day!

‘Only Sexy’ is also a multi-level class, and Geoffrey informed me that it focuses purely on dancing without any pole tricks. Sounded like fun already!

The next day when I arrived, the class was much bigger. There were about 10 ladies this time, and a group of them had arrived together. This time, it was taught by the very sexy Eli.

Her warm up included lots of sensuous body rolls and some really fun booty work. And thanks to her extensive booty popping warm up, I now absolutely know my left from right in French! (..Gauche! Adroit! ..Gauche, Gauche, Adroit, Adroit!)

Super-hot & sexy Eli

Me & the hottest French chick in town

Eli conducted the whole class in French, but I was able to follow without any problems. And I gotta say, counting in French during choreo does make everything feel sexier!

‘Only Sexy’ uses chairs, which I’m very familiar with thanks to all the Slap classes I’ve done at Bobbi’s. I was just really sad that I didn’t have my heels with me for it! But dancing on tippy toes in bare feet is also a great way to train your toes to stay pointed at all times.

The song we danced to was ‘Lollipop’ by Lil Wayne, and I was really happy to be doing some sexy floor work again.

Pole dancing in different studios can feel a bit awkward because if the different poles and styles, but I always feel comfortable doing floor work anywhere in the world. And after the class, I was really flattered when Geoffrey gave me a thumbs up for my floor work!

Autographed pole star pics from Steven Retchless & others

Autographed pics from Steven Retchless & other pole stars

I also saw on the studio’s website that they were actually hosting an ‘Australian Pole’ week, with Cleo The Hurricane, Jamilla DeVille, and Michelle Shimmy all flying down for workshops in the following 2 weeks. Too bad I was leaving for London the next day, or I would have loved to do all of their workshops there!

Well the next time I ever go to Paris again, I’m definitely heading back to do more classes at Spin With Me!

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2 Responses to Pole dancing in Paris, Pt 2: Spin With Me

  1. Brandy says:

    Great article! This place sounds great! I am moving to paris this fall and want to find a pole studio in Paris. How is this place with english speakers?? I don’t know any french (yet) and I really hope I can find somewhere welcoming to english speakers – any advice?

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