Pole dancing in Paris, Pt 1: Pink School

Cos standing photos are boring.

Cos standing photos are boring.

The first studio that caught my eye when I was Googling “Pole Dance Studios in Paris” was Pink School. It operates within the premises of the infamous Pink Paradise strip club and so Pink School is basically not a separate pole studio at all, but refers to the classes conducted in the club during the day-time.

The club is located in a little back street nearby to the popular Champs-Elysees shopping belt, and is relatively easy to find.

Without any problems arriving at the address, I arrived 20 minutes early and found the entrance shut. I tried ringing the door bell and calling the phone number on the door but all I got was a recorded message in French.

Outside Pink Paradise

The non-descript outside of Pink Paradise

Thinking there might be another entrance I might have missed, I walked into the small shopping mall beside it and found only that the mall connected directly to the main shopping street of Champs Elysee. So I waited around a little more and by the time I walked back out to the club, there was a small group of girls waiting outside the door.

At 630pm sharp, the door finally opened and I followed the rest down a very glamorous scarlet staircase and hallway as they all trooped in.

This was the first time I’d ever taken a class inside an actual club so I was pretty excited! The decor inside is very boudoir-style, with plush carpeting, deep red curtains everywhere and crystal chandeliers.

It gets glam once the door opens

It gets glam once the door opens

As the girl manning the reception table only spoke French, she asked one of the English-speaking students to brief me on where to change, which was at the main lounge area in front of the DJ console.

I chatted a little with her and found out that she also attends pole classes at Spin With Me, which coincidentally was the other pole studio I was going to check out in Paris in a few days’ time!

About a minute after stepping in, I started reacting to the thick smell of cigarette smoke trapped in the air and started coughing uncontrollably, which was slightly embarrassing. It took me a few minutes to calm my lungs down long enough so I could say hello to the instructor and hunker to the nearest pole in the corner of the room.


The class area

At the centre of the club is a big dance floor with 8 built-in poles around it, standing in front of private booths tables and seating areas. Those are the poles for students, and there’s also a portable X-stage pole in front of the lounge area which the teachers use.

There were about ten of us in the class that day. I was slightly surprised that most of them were wearing tank tops and fairly conservative shorts. Nobody was wearing shoes either. Considering the location, I’d expected to see some hot lingerie or bikinis instead! Luckily I’d also brought a tank top and some proper shorts with me.

With instructor Vanessa, post-class

With instructor Vanessa, post-class

Vanessa, the instructor, also remained quite covered up during the entire class. I asked if she performed at the club at night, to which she replied with a smile that she doesn’t do ‘that kind of pole dancing.’.

Frankly, I was really hoping that the club dancers would have been the ones teaching there cos that would be hot! But oh well..

The class started with warm up and everything was going well until I felt something sharp under my bare foot. I reached down and picked up a small piece of broken plastic, which looked like it might have been from a drinking glass. Thankfully it wasn’t real glass at least! After that I noticed a few more tiny broken pieces on the floor nearby and brushed them away.

IMG_7132At Pink School, the levels start with Initiation, then Debutante, and then Intermediate 1, 2 & 3. I’d signed up for Intermediate 1, which is the most popular level on their schedule. Occasionally they also teach ‘themed’ classes like Burlesque and one called “Sexy Bad Girl’ which I really wanted to take but sadly it wasn’t being offered at the time I was there.

The class itself was pretty standard, and I was pleasantly surprised that all the poles were spinny. There was no choreography or free styling, only trick combos. I was familiar with most of them like Pull-up Plank, Maxi, Half Star, and Pole Cat (Caterpillar) but frustratingly, I kept sliding right off the pole!

No one used any kind of grip on their bodies so there was none I could borrow. I’ve  discovered that pole dancing in countries with colder climates is entirely different because its much harder to get warm enough to stick to the pole! I ended up doing my Pole Cat with one hand on the floor just so I wouldn’t face-plant.

IMG_7110There was a Chopper / Left Leg Hang / Maxi combo , and some of the girls couldn’t invert with ease but amazingly, could jump right into a Maxi from a Side Climb! It’s something I’ve only seen done at the Advanced level at Bobbi’s.

We ended the class putting all the tricks into a short combo, then did a short cool-down before wrapping up.

Even though I was really glad to get in some pole time during my trip and have a chance to take a class inside the Pink Paradise club, it really wasn’t a fabulous or ultra sexy experience like I had hoped it would be! In fact I couldn’t help but feel that I’d probably have enjoyed myself much more if I’d visited the club after-hours as a customer.

At least that way I would have caught a glimpse of the hot club dancers in action!

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 7.05.57 PM

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7 Responses to Pole dancing in Paris, Pt 1: Pink School

  1. Fun place to take a pole class but I guess it would give you certain expectations.

    Makes me wish I’d had time to sneak a class in at for your eyes only in Newcastle last week 🙂

    Which move do you call a maxi? Not heard of it before.

  2. e* says:

    Heya, did you check out London pole studios too? if so, do post! xx

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