Annual Bobbi Week starts today!!

Bobbi Glam 017It’s that time of year again! The Australian event week when Bobbi and the instructors from Sydney visit Singapore and conduct workshops.

Last year, Bobbi brought Chilli and Cleo (The Hurricane), who’d just won Miss Pole Dance Australia. They were here to judge the Miss Pole Dance SEA competition.

This year, there’s no competition but the studio has organized ‘Bobbi’s White Diamond Affair’, which will be a mega pole and Slap showcase featuring both our local and Australian instructors. It’ll be held at Avalon this Saturday night, and I can’t wait!

But back to the workshops. Between Bobbi, Chilli, Llush, and this year’s MPD Australia, Porsche, there were 10 workshops to choose from!

If I only had the budget (and stamina) I’d love to do all of them. But that would cost as much as promotional return airplane tickets to Tokyo, and I’m not rolling in that much excess cash. Sigh.

Can't believe this was a year ago already!

Can’t believe this was a year ago already!

But then again, Bobbi and gang only come round once a year! So I bit the bullet, (or rather, my wallet) and signed up for 4 workshops: Chole with Bobbi, Advanced Lapdance with Llush (of the endless legs fame), Secrets of a Champion with Porsche, and of course, Pole Grooves with Bobbi.

The first 2 workshops are for Prep Advanced and above only, *gulp* and though I’m technically in Prep, I consider myself under the ‘partially CMI’ category. (That’s ‘Cannot Make It’, if you’re not Singaporean and didn’t snigger at the acronym) So uh, anxious!!!

But I know for a fact that Bobbi is lovely and warm, having caught a glimpse of her teaching a couple of her workshops here last year, as well as having interviewed her. (If you haven’t already read the awesome interviews I did with Bobbi last year, please do! She’s utterly candid and frank in them.)

And so I know that if all else fails and I can’t execute some of the tricks in her Chole (Chair and Pole) workshop tomorrow, she’ll at least be nice about it.

In the meantime, here are some interviews with Porsche, Llush, and Chilli that I did for the Bobbi’s Singapore blog:

Secrets of a Champion (Porsche’s expert tips on competition training)

Time to get Llush (Llush shares how to get your Sexy on for performances)

It’s getting Chilli hot in here (Chilli once set a dude’s lap on fire while performing.. top that for awkward stage moments!)

And if you haven’t already read Bobbi’s interviews:

All About the Pole (Bobbi on the most important qualities for dancers and instructors)

All About the Bobbi (Life before she became The Bobbi! With fabulous old photos of her)


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