I *try to* whip my hair back and forth

Case in point: Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

No, no, not like this…

I love having long hair. Actually, I love having super long hair!

I like to twirl the ends around my fingers and curl them in different directions… Makes me feel all girly and stuff.

But super long hair is heavy, and really hard to whip around in a head roll while pole dancing or doing floor work.

There are women who can whip it like pros, but unfortunately I am not one of them. (Bobbi’s hair is almost down to her hips, and her head rolls and hair flips are the stuff legends are made of.)

So ever since I started doing Beginner Pole Grooves, I’ve had to dance with my hair up in a ponytail. Reason being that BPG is FULL of head rolls, and if I were to let my hair down I’d probably have developed severe whip lash by now.

Plus, a high ponytail has its own natural momentum and is really easy to swing around!

After a while though, I started getting hair envy. I mean, I wear my hair down all the time anyway so why not let it down when I dance right? Having it up all the time just felt kinda boring.

Before: below waist, After: below boobs

Before: below waist, After: below boobs

Seriously though,  swinging around hair that long for more than 2 minutes is enough to make me feel nauseous and wanting to throw up. (And I’m not even joking, because it’s really happened before and it would actually be quite funny if it weren’t so very, very sad!!)

Something had to give.

And so I cut off the last 5″ of my hair… those 5 extra inches that give it that special, super-long appearance. *sniff*

BritneyOk, so it’s not like I did a Britney or anything, but I have a long *sorry!* history of having Rapunzel syndrome, and I can feel the difference!

But on the bright side, now I can do this without making myself dizzy:

No, that’s not the original song that was playing but you get the idea.  I’m concentrating really hard on remembering the moves while making the effort that it takes to get my hair out of my face. That’s multi tasking on a high level…

Also, I have to say that head rolls are probably the hardest thing to master. They’re deceptively simple, but really not easy to nail. Mine are still nowhere near as polished or sexy as I’d like them to be, but ah well.. at least it’s a head *couldn’t resist* start!

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4 Responses to I *try to* whip my hair back and forth

  1. Wow! That’s pole dedication! Video and the new ‘do looks great 😉

  2. Lookin’ good Chwen! I kind of like the slightly shorter do.

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