Still.. Taking.. Things.. Slowww-ly…

Still very wonky..

Still very wonky..

On Sunday, I actually managed to drag my tired self out of bed in time to make it for Pole Grooves at noon! I even stayed for pole practice at 3pm since I figured I really needed to burn off some of my vacation eating.

It seemed like every other girl in pole practice was working on big tricks.

Before Tokyo, I’d been focusing on working on The Hard Stuff with intent during practice but that day I just wasn’t in the mood yet. Ironically, I managed to find the perfect tipping point for handstands up to the pole without really using momentum.

The key is… just to stay calm!

Most times I’m so scared of missing the pole and falling over backwards that I stop myself before I can push off the ground fully, but all I needed was to stay focused and open legs into a V to gently lift off.

I’ve yet to find my perfect balance sweet spot of DVD cover though, but after a whole week of not doing any, it actually felt a bit more secure. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to nail the damned DVD cover, (let’s not even talk about doing it from an aerial combo for Prep) but my body just needs time to assimilate things., and I’ve given up trying to rush the process.

After a while though, I just started doing some plain old pull-up-V’s. It’s just a basic aerial invert but I feel that it’s so, so underrated. It can really make or break a performance, in my opinion.

I was at pole practice with 2 friends that day, and one of them has a beautiful Pull-up-V. She actually extends her arms as high as they can go, and gracefully dead lifts herself into it. I don’t know where she finds the strength for that all the time, but I guess that’s where muscle memory comes into play.

If I’m not too tired, I can do it decently enough with my inside leg straight, but I never really thought of training myself to deadlift up. One more goal on my very long list!

Oh well. Goes to show that there are so many layers to be uncovered within even the simplest moves.

FYI, here’s a blog post I wrote a couple of weeks back for the Bobbi’s Singapore blog about taking it slow and going easy. It’s obviously a topic very close to my heart!!

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5 Responses to Still.. Taking.. Things.. Slowww-ly…

  1. Glad you made it in – probably feels better afterwards too 🙂 Your extended butterfly is beautiful – you’re very hard on yourself! When I was in classes we only went in once a week (twice if you wanted to pay extra to practice on your own there once a week) and we seemed to rush through moves. As soon as you had sort of managed it it was ticked off without worrying too much about mastery – this is why I still kick up into inverts which I know is a big no no

    • Chwenny says:

      Thx luv! I can’t hold the pose very long though, and I know I can get that back leg straighter if I can just find my balance! Ah yes, the word is definitely Mastery. I’m obsessive about it. Why keep on learning new tricks without mastering the old ones, right? I’m old-fashioned like that.. It’s mastery or nothing! Once a week is hardly enough for anything though. Certainly not for this pole addict! 😉

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