Going for some sushi and Japanese pole!


Can’t wait to drop into Pole Dance Tokyo

So excited to be going on vacation to Tokyo with the husband and 4 of our friends for a week! 😀

While we’re there, I plan to do a few drop-in classes at the renowned Pole Dance Tokyo studio! Omg I’m so excited…

I already registered online for ‘Pole Dance Beginner and Intermediate’ and ‘Pole Dance Showgirl’ on Friday, taught by an instructor who teaches in English! I really want to do their ‘Sexy Floor Dance’ class on Wednesday as well, but we’ll see how it goes.

Since the new term began, I’ve been doing pole practice 3 times a week like a good girl.. now that I’m off the all-you-can-pole promo and only doing 2 fixed classes a week.

Being focused like that has helped a lot. I managed to finally get the Tammy last Sunday! Turns out I’d been doing it wrong all this time, facing the pole directly instead of twisting all the way to the right and pressing my left thigh into the pole to get into Jamilla.

So the bruises I’m currently sporting on my left thigh help remind me of exactly where the pole needs to press into.

Getting the Tammy is a huge milestone for me because I just couldn’t do it for ages, but now it’s merely a transition into something else I haven’t been able to do for ages.. The DVD cover, aka Extended Butterfly.

Ugh, well at least I know that if getting through Prep Advanced doesn’t bloody kill me (or that sore spot right between my shoulder blades and spine) it will most definitely make me stronger.

Since getting my lefty Venus, aka Basic Butterfly, I connected the dots that its possible to extend out into DVD. (which is exactly why it’s called Extended Butterfly right?! We don’t do it that way here although it’s probably super obvious to non-Bobbi ‘s pole dancers)

I managed to get into a very wobbly one last night with Po.lita’s help, which is quite exciting! But I need to let my body take a little break cos my upper back is just killing me right now.

So I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have time to stay for pole practice after Prep class tonight… I have just enough time to come home, shower, grab my bags and get on that plane to Tokyo!!!

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3 Responses to Going for some sushi and Japanese pole!

  1. Have fun in Tokyo – I’ve always wanted to visit Japan 🙂 look forward to hearing what the classes are like there

  2. Rukawa says:

    Hi Chwenny! I’m a fellow student at BPS and am in Tokyo now too! Silent lurker of your blog =P Do they use spinning poles at Pole Dance Tokyo? Might wanna drop by too! ^^

    • Chwenny says:

      Konichiwa! 🙂 They use x-poles and teach classes on static, but do the drop in anyway! I just did 2 classes last night and it was so fun. Got a big bruise from a new static spin, heheh..

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