Progress with Project Lefty

Baby toe on the pole and all!

Lefty Venus: with baby toe on the pole and all!

It’s been a while since I mentioned Project Lefty, but I’ve actually been working on it at a very slow and steady pace.

I’m rather obsessed with trying to maintain balance on both sides of my body… (and worried that I’ll wake up one day at 55, and suddenly notice that my upper torso has shifted itself to the right over the years from holding too many Jades!)

So I make it a point to do a few lefty inverts, Vanessa spins, and pull-up planks during each practice session, and my lefty spin-climb into pull-up V is starting to get slightly decent.

My current list of Lefty tricks is: Spin Climb, Pole Sit, Hello Boys, Lefty Left Leg Hang (Gemini), Cupid, Half-Star….

…and just last night, Venus! (Basic Butterfly)

I’m really pleased with the Lefty Venus! All the other times I’d tried, it just felt too unfamiliar and risky but this time getting into it felt surprisingly secure so I just went for it and it happened! I even ended up holding it for quite a while the second time round as Po.lita snapped an impromptu photo of it.

It’s definitely motivated me to step it up with my lefty training. Cos in addition to all the regular Lefty pull-ups, I’ve added lefty Candy conditioning into the mix. And you know I actually hate that right?t! Nobody likes Candy conditioning…

For now, I’m just doing it to strengthen my left arm, shoulder and back muscles but hopefully one day (probably in the very far-off future) I’ll be able to Candy up on the wrong side!

Erm, but for now I’ll be happy if I can consistently get it on the right side…

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2 Responses to Progress with Project Lefty

  1. Cayce says:

    Great progress! Just keep at it and you’ll get it! Wish I was there in person to cheer you on!! 🙂

  2. ange says:

    lefty candy: try it with regular grip instead of twisty grip! it’s easier to engage the whole left side of your body in that grip for a bit more strength. your lefty venus is so nice!!!

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