Talking to the woman who brought Bobbi’s to Singapore

Principal of Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore, and overspilt extraordinaire, Linna Tan

Principal of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore, and overspilt extraordinaire, Linna Tan

One thing that I never take for granted is the fact that I get to train at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore. And that there even is a Bobbi’s Pole Studio here in Singapore for me to train at!

I know there are loads of pole dancers all over the world who greatly admire the Bobbi’s style and who wish they could train at Bobbi’s too, but are just too far away and don’t live in Sydney, Perth, Singapore or Malaysia.

Luckily, there’s one right here where I live, where I’ve been training for more than 2 years since January 2011 and having even more fun now than when I first started! And boy, am I ever thankful about that!

So when I got the chance to feature our principal of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore for International Women’s Day, it was a perfect chance to find out everything I wanted about how she got started back then when there were no pole studios here and how she eventually made that huge step to open the studio. I even got her to dish out some advice for us on both dance and tricks.

I haven’t actually taken any of Linna’s regular classes yet since she used to focus mainly on the more advanced levels, but I’ve always admired her incredible dance style. (Duh, she’s the one who’s trained most of our instructors!)

And like Po.lita says, not that many dancers can switch so effortlessly between nailing the ballerina-like lyrical style one moment, and then drip pure hot sex appeal the next. Sigh.

If you haven’t already seen these on the Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore blog, check them out here:

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