Just a small reminder for all my ladies

Today is International Women’s Day.

That’s cool.

But aside from just being another day in the calendar with a special commemoration that has no holiday or gift-giving tradition attached, what does it really mean?

I’ve been asking myself that anyway.

When I mentioned it, my husband asked if there was an International Men’s Day, and I said that there wasn’t… because it seems like every other day is International Men’s Day, isn’t it?

Correction: There actually is an International Men’s Day, celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago on November 19th since 1999. But moving on…

I reckon Women’s Day is a little reminder to treasure ourselves.

Us women are wonderful nurturers, care-givers, supporters, etc. Especially to all our loved ones, but not always to ourselves!

And nurturing ourselves is arguably more important, because it’s the only way you’ll truly ever have enough love and energy for anyone else!

I could go on and on about this topic as it’s close to my heart, but I’ll just keep it simple and remind all the lovely, beautiful, talented women reading this to treasure yourselves, and do at least one thing that makes you happy every single day. Even if it’s just wearing your favourite underpants!

Happy International Women’s Day, all! xoxox

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