Term 1 performance week

These boots are so not made for walking!

These boots are so not made for walking!

It’s week 8 and performance week at the studio again. I didn’t think I’d be able to handle more than 2 or 3 routines in total, but last night I managed to perform all 4 that I wanted to. Yay! 🙂

The trick is not to tire out during the rehearsal right before performance, because you might just use all your energy up before its even showtime.

Which of course, I learned the hard way on Monday.

So this time I just marked all the dance bits for timing without doing any of the  upside down combos and it really makes a difference!

I’m quite challenged in the strength and stamina department and get tired pretty easily compared to most of my crazy girl friends who can go on and on like Energizer bunnies!

Seriously, I don’t know how those girls can come to the studio from doing hot yoga or Muay Thai and still stay for practice after class. If I do more than 2.5 hours of pole in a day, my body just wants to take the next day off… But then again at 33, I’m also older than most of my pole pals by at least a few years, if not by a good decade!

Anyway on Monday I’d done a full rehearsal with pole combos and all, and by the time it finished I was pretty knackered.

Also, I’d happily brought along my thigh-high boots, forgetting that I hadn’t practiced either the Beginner or Advanced Pole Grooves routines in them. Big mistake!

I know everyone thinks that patent thigh high boots make everything easier because they stick to the pole, but if you’ve worn them for a while you’ll know that they lose their grip over time and can actually get slippery instead.

d-d-down splits!

d-d-down splits!

So that’s my excuse for losing my grip halfway during the rehearsal for Advanced Pole Grooves! I slid down a good 6 inches doing the down-split and right after that, lost my knee grip and fell smack into my landing. Scary!!

I was kinda shaken and sat out the performance. Didn’t feel confident enough to nail the combo in my boots and I sure didn’t want to risk falling off again!

I also sat out the Intermediate Slap routine despite how much I love “Oh” because even though I’d done the very last class with those boots on, they somehow stuck to the chair as I was lying on the ground and brought it collapsing onto me. Very glamorous..

Bloody Murphy’s Law! In the history of my entire time learning Slap routines, the chair had never ever fallen on me, but naturally the first time it happened would be during rehearsal with a roomful of people watching. I’m just glad I rehearsed it so it wasn’t during performance!

Knowing that my beloved boots tend to slip off poles and stick to chairs instead, I didn’t wear them at all last night and had no problems with anything. But they look so pretty that I’ll probably take my chances with them again on Saturday.

After all, it’s the outfit theme for ‘Enter Sandman’, which might actually have overtaken ‘Nothing Else Matters’ as my favourite inter 3 routine cos it’s just so much fun. Funny that they’re both Metallica songs!

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6 Responses to Term 1 performance week

  1. Fran says:

    OH don’t you just hate it when that happens?!?! I swear the ONE time that all the instructors were watching us do our performance (two terms ago), I fell off the pole for the first time ever. BANG there I went, as unglamorously as possible. Scared the living daylights out of me as well.

    Ugh. But I guess all you can do is just pick yourself up and keep going eh?


  2. Chwenny says:

    Eek!! Yep, I feel you on that one… It used to be that any time someone pointed a camera at me, I’d somehow screw something up too, but thankfully I’m getting more immune to that now!

  3. LOVING those boots! Very fab – you have given me hope about getting back into pole stuff, I was begining to worry I was getting too old to start from scratch again. I just need a kick up the arse or the money to start classes again!

  4. babycarrot says:

    I thought you did pretty well last night!

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