Back from an extended Chinese New Year break

photo-11Sheesh, talk about having had writer’s block! (I’d say blogger’s block but that just sounds self-indulgent and retarded, which I already am..)

So the Chinese New Year break came and went and I basically ate my way through it. While I was at it, my brain must have slipped into a long pineapple-tart-induced food coma, because I tried so many times to write something intelligent here but it all came out sounding like gibberish.

After saving about 6 different drafts over the past week, I finally gave up trying to sound intelligent and so here I am again.

It also helps that I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten to submit my weekly blog post for the studio’s blog, so having to bang something out fast jolted me back into activity.

Anyhoo, classes have been great since the studio re-opened after the week’s break. I think  doing no pole for the whole week was a good thing, because I managed to get through inter 3 and Advanced Pole Grooves back to back on Wednesday without feeling like I wanted to die.

This term, I really like all 5 dance routines I’ve learned and I would love to do all of them come performance week, but that’s just not gonna happen yet. Performing 3 is pushing it already, so I’m gonna have to choose my top 2 and hope I have enough energy left over for a 3rd one.

Next term’s timetable is already out, and I’ve decided to  give the all-you-can-pole-promo a break to focus on Prep. Cos if I don’t, I’ll never progress! So in the meantime I’m just enjoying the dance routines cos there’s just next week to go before the performance week, which means the end of the term.

And then it’ll be March too! Wait, didn’t we just start 2013? Time just zips by when you measure it in pole terms…

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2 Responses to Back from an extended Chinese New Year break

  1. I wish that I can be as good as you 🙂

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