Just…. so…. Lazzzzzyyyyyy…!!

Chillin’ like a villain

Okay, I admit it. Lately I’ve been a lazy ass.

I quit running months ago, I stopped going for yoga, I’ve stopped going for Prep and Tech classes, and I’ve done minimal stuff on my left side.

Basically, I’ve been on a sabbatical from strength and stamina training.

…And it’s been fabulous! LoL!

Instead, I’ve been taking it slightly easier by doing more dance classes: Beginner Pole Grooves, Inter 3, Inter Slap, and recently Advanced Pole Grooves.

I guess I got tired of struggling so hard with all the tricks I haven’t nailed yet, and with feeling physically beaten up and somewhat emotionally defeated. And I decided it was time to just kick back a little and have a bit more fun!

It’s not as if these classes aren’t challenging or that I don’t get tired (how I wish!) but it’s definitely been a lot more enjoyable. And yes, I know that this can’t go on forever or my progress will completely stall… but for now I’m quite happy to cruise for a bit.


But because my focus is now on dance, flow, and transitions, I’ve been pretty diligent about filming myself in class and it’s been quite interesting.

I’ve learned that the way I feel while I’m dancing and the way I look while I’m dancing are sometimes two very different things… Whenever I do the kick-ass rock routine ‘Enter Sandman’,  I always feel like I’m going fast and giving it lots of energy, but on camera I still look slow and kinda lazy!

And during Advanced Pole Grooves this week, I was confidently grooving away to Usher’s “You Got It Bad”, (which I love!) and struggling to get through the combos as usual. But they didn’t actually look half as bad as I thought they would, whereas some of the dancing parts that I thought I had nailed looked awful!

Also, I’ve had lots more reminders that comparing myself to the girls in class that I admire is a dead-end game which leaves me feeling terribly wretched.

There are 3 or 4 advanced girls at the studio that I consider the top ones in terms of both tricks and dance, and beside them I look like a drunk chicken dancing with swans.

So yeah. Comparing with others, just don’t do it.

But if I just focus on how much better my videos are compared to a few terms ago, I feel great! Like how now, 3 out of 5 of my head rolls no longer look like I’m swatting flies with my forehead!

Ironically, my long-lost Candy and I had a fleeting reunion with each other in class the other day. I’d left it for dead after not doing any since I passed my assessment into Prep *Bad Chwenny!* but surprisingly enough it made a brief unexpected appearance.

Anyhow, the studio is shut for a week starting tomorrow for the Chinese New Year celebrations, so the plan is to do a little yoga and maybe a little pole practice.

Well, if I manage to find some time in between all the pineapple tart eating I’ll be doing, that is.

Happy Year of the Snake! 🙂

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3 Responses to Just…. so…. Lazzzzzyyyyyy…!!

  1. Wenny says:

    I know it’s kinda wrong, but i honestly can’t help but feel slightly relieved to know that I’m not the only one who faces periods of minimal improvement. No, actually I face negative improvement! Really super demotivating. Well, new yr, new energy! Let’s nail those tricks …after the tarts n bakkwa 🙂

  2. i totally agree with only comparing yourself with yourself!

  3. lol your attitude is a breath of fresh air! I recently remembered that this whole pole thing is supposed to be fun too, and strangely enough, that’s when I started making major breakthroughs! keep groovin’ 😉

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