Coming to terms

Someday that leg will be straight


I’ve finally come to terms with the Prep routine that’s still kicking my ass.

Rather, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to nail it anytime soon. But I had to internally struggle with that for 3 whole weeks before realizing why it was upsetting me so much.

You see, the real problem was that I actually believed… that after 2 years of continuous pole education, things would start to get easier. And when they got much harder instead, it was a huge disappointment.

(Yes, I realize how delusional that was but sometimes it just takes a while to see things clearly your own bullshit!)

So it’s gotten me thinking about pole progress and phases lately, and where I fall on the learning curve right now. And in case you haven’t read that excellent post on learning curves by Aerial Amy, you need to!

I guess I can safely say that this is the point where making progress is going to be much harder, (as if it was ever easy to begin with) and I accept that. Not that I’ll suddenly stop whining about the things I’m struggling with mind you, but at least now I can officially acknowledge that making serious new progress is not going to be getting easier anytime soon.

(Well, duhhhhh!)

But I can still be happy with seeing improvement in teensy little baby steps at a time, and focusing on all the other things that have now gotten a little bit easier, like better dance flow and having slightly more flexibility.


Okay, now I just need to let go of my guilt over not having enough energy to go for yoga anymore… But that’s a different story!

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2 Responses to Coming to terms

  1. I remember that feeling during classes – painfully hard to start with then getting a lot easier then just when you thought you were getting good it got so much harder! I had to remind myself a few times how much work it took to get a move at the start when I would get pissed off not getting for not getting an advanced move on the first, second or third go!

    I’m now going to have to come to peace with the fact I’ll have to start from scratch again after such a break off the pole :s it’s one of the things scaring me about going back to real training.

  2. Ps. Beautiful shape in the picture 🙂

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