Meeting Kristy Curtis from The Biggest Loser Asia

On Sunday I got the opportunity to meet Kristy Curtis, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser Asia.

Back in 2009 when it made its debut I watched every episode of season 1 obsessively. And I occasionally still stalk my favourite contestant, the adorable Kevin Yue on Facebook from time to time. He was trained by her on the show, and has since lost more than half his body weight!

So Kristy was already awesome in my books.

She was in the studio with a production crew to film a trial pole class for a segment on Healthy Me TV a new Health programme. And I was there to ask her how she found the trial class for the Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore blog. I’ll update with the link to the short interview with her when its published later on the Bobbi’s blog.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say that I couldn’t resist having an off-record fangirl moment and gushing about mentioning how much I loved season 1 of TBLA, and how I still stalk Kevin on Facebook. And how she (of course!) remembered him and said that she really pushed hard to have him on her team for the show, despite some doubts about his ability, because she felt that he really needed her help!

Aww… considering that he’s still completely transformed, I’d say that’s already enough good karma for a lifetime!

Oh and also, Kristy has the most impressive arm muscles Everrrrrr!! Stay tuned for the interview! 🙂

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