Before & after pros & cons

Yesterday the hubby found some old photos of us in one of his Mac’s folders.

Both of us had a chuckle about how much rounder my face was… not that I was ever even chubby but Dang, have I gotten skinnier in the past year or so since getting obsessed with pole!

Before & after pic

Circa 2006 vs Halloween 2012 with less chubby cheeks

And it wasn’t a conscious decision or anything.. I’ve always been pretty happy with my body. I mean, some girls are born with a flawless face… some are born with natural C-cup boobs… some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth…

…I was born tall and skinny with a super metabolism. (I was also born with my mother’s predisposition towards teen/early adult acne, but you just gotta count your blessings and accept the rest!)

Anyway back to the weight-loss issue.

Some time last year I started to notice that I was practically swimming in some of my older clothes. And I also started to notice that I actually looked kinda tiny in some of my pole videos.

2006 & 2012

A curvier bottom in 2006 vs 2012

Sometimes I feel a tad insecure about it, which then makes me feel silly. Cos most women want to be thinner right? Like, this should be a good problem and I should just shut up already. Seriously though, I’d like to be just slightly curvier.

..But not in the face! And the annoying thing is that I love how my face is now skinnier than it ever used to be, but I miss my rounded hips and thighs. And please don’t tell me that I need to eat more or more often. I eat to my heart’s content all the time, probably more if you count snacking.

Where am I going with this? No where really, except perhaps to point out that the grass will always somehow be greener on the other side…

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6 Responses to Before & after pros & cons

  1. Grace h says:

    Sigh hahaha I would personally kill to have any semblance of a chest. don’t be insecure, you look great, your lines are really long and nice cos of your height and all!

  2. you look awesome! Do you know how many woman pay money to inject fillers into their face? A fuller faces appears more youthful.
    I don’t know of any tips for being curvier, I wish I knew!!

  3. cindy says:

    You look toner too 😉 I wish I was curvier as well, I’m contemplating putting on some weight to achieve that. And also because the curvier girls seem to stick on the pole better than the skinny ones…

  4. Chwenny says:

    Thank you ladies 🙂 Last night I told the hubby I hoped the ice cream & biscuits I was eating after dinner would straight go to my hips, then I realised how funny it sounds when you say it and you Mean it! ;P

    Cindy, yes I think the curvy girls do stick better too! No need to over-cross the legs so much in Tammy, Superman, Layback..

  5. hahahaha! yes! eat that ice cream! I’ll cross my fingers it goes to your hips. at my house my partner is trying to lose 10lbs and I’m trying to gain 10lbs. It’s not working for either of us.

  6. hahaha aww! You know what’s funny – I started pole as a way to gain self confidence whilst in recovery for my eating disorder. And I have put on weight (mostly muscle…) since starting. BUT for the FIRST time in my life I’m actually wishing I was bigger rather than smaller!! We’re learning pike from outside leg hang this term and I physically can’t do it because my thighs are too small! WAHHHHHH.

    I think you look fantastic though – nice muscle definition. 🙂

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