To stay or not to stay?

My one-handed Jade that looks like a ‘V’

Oh, my poor arms!

On Tuesday I went for my first 2 classes of the term, starting with Prep Advanced. 

Ten minutes into class, I felt like quitting it. Cos Gawd, it’s hard this time round!

While I love the song “Mad World”, the new tricks and transitions are a little too mad for me at this point… I can’t even get through combo 1!  

There’s a nutty new aerial invert that I just don’t have the strength for yet, and a one-handed Jade that looks a lot like an Allegra. You know the bar is set very high when a traditional Jade suddenly seems easy in comparison.

But the clincher was when I heard my instructor say, “There’s a Tammy right after this, but we’ll leave it for next week.”

My little brain, after exploding so many times just trying to get the coordination right for the new invert, heard the word ‘Tammy’ and threw a foot-stomping bitch fit at me right there and then. I seriously thought of dropping Prep and just doing Inter 3. After all, it’s “Enter Sandman” again this term, which will just be so much fun! 

And isn’t pole supposed to be my hobby? Hobbies are supposed to be fun, right? Not make you silently scream every seven minutes!

But I got talked by everyone (including my lovely instructor over supper) into staying. Because apparently we still have another seven weeks to go, and I can substitute whatever I can’t do with simpler tricks. 

Fine… *scowly face*

Being an obvious sucker for punishment, I immediately went back for Prep again yesterday after doing Techniques 1 entirely on the left side.

Hence today’s aching arms and shoulders. 

My one-handed Jade got slightly more balanced, but still no progress with the aerial inversion. Techniques 1 was great though. We worked on simple combos until I could barely lift myself into a lefty spin climb anymore. 

By the end of the night, my hands felt like they’d been pounded by a meat tenderizer though, and this was even after using my Mighty Grip gloves which saved my hands during Tech 1! I don’t like to wear them for anything more advanced though, they’re slightly loose around the wrist so I don’t feel safe doing upside down combos in them. 

Anyway, I’m doing my third lesson 1 class of Prep on Saturday, and if I still feel like it’s too much of an uphill struggle, I might reduce my Prep classes to just once a week and do Inter 3’s “Enter Sandman” routine on Saturdays instead. 

We’ll see..

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5 Responses to To stay or not to stay?

  1. Billie says:

    Hi! Don’t beat yourself up to much! Going up a level in pole is always hard and daunting! We did the Mad World Routine last term and it gets easier as the weeks go by, you’ll build up the strength to do the combos and anything you can’t nail just substitute! When ever I went up a level I always did the lower level I was in before as my “feel good” class 🙂 it’s also a great way to perfect the tricks you can already do and make them look cleaner. I’ve been doing Advanced at Bobbis for about 2.5 years and I still do prep for fun!! Don’t give up hun it gets better xxx

    • Chwenny says:

      Thanks Billie! Yea, I think I will do int 3 together with Prep. I’m in dire need of some ‘feel good’ classes, heheh. And 2.5 years in Advanced is really advanced! That’s longer than I’ve been at it altogether, which is great perspective 🙂

  2. shellyspins says:

    Hope you decide to stick it out, imagine how happy you’ll be at the end of term, nailing some of these moves! Keep your chin up and keep practicing, it will all come with time 🙂

  3. If it’s your first class at that level, or furst class back for a bit, theres no shame in finding it tough. I used to say to girls if it was easy it would seem half as amazing/impressive!

    And my jade used to look more like an L than a V 🙂 my flexibility sucked even then lol

    Really hope I get back on my pole this year! But not looking forward to the pain or frustration from scratch all over again!

  4. kab0129 says:

    Keep going… you’ll feel better about it. Part of the fun of pole is figuring out new, hard to learn moves! Good luck.

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