Last workout of the year

Q: How do a bunch of pole-obsessed girls spend the last day of the year?

A: They go for yoga together! (Together with non-pole-dancing spouse)


Left to right: The husband, me, Anni, Po.lita, and Ange (after sweating our butts off in hot yoga. Yep, we definitely earned all our NYE dinners in advance)

….and then they run home, shower, change, blog, and run out again for dinner and partying with even more pole-obsessed girls to usher in the new year!!!

Hope your 2012 was full of fun, friends, and fitness too! 😀

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Body, soul, and pole!
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1 Response to Last workout of the year

  1. babycarrot says:

    LOL! I spent the last morning of 2012 yoga-ing too! Happy new year!

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