Progression and pole goals


So the last full term of the year (and my first time in Prep Advanced!) is officially over and done. I’m proud of myself for being able to perform a slightly modified version of the Prep routine, (had to substitute the DVD cover bit) and for getting my Superman!!

Wait make that, getting The Tammy into Superman! …Nevermind that I can only stumble out of it at this point. Getting over the pain was a huge breakthrough!

I also noticed some improvement with overall dance transitions. They’re highly, highly underrated, but in my opinion… it’s the transitions that really make a pole performance nice to watch, . I mean, being able to do the tricks is a given, right? It’s how nicely you get into them and out of them that define your style. A wiggle here or a swivel there makes all the difference between sensuous, jazzy, lyrical or raunchy.

Personally, I most enjoy watching the girls who have beautiful transitions, no matter the style. To me, it doesn’t matter how strong anyone is in advanced tricks if they can’t dance in and out of them smoothly.

And so my #1 pole goal for 2013 is to transition smoothly in everything. This means that I also have to be really diligent in taking videos of pretty much everything, cos that’s the only way to really tell. I’m also going to be doing lots of Strip and Lap (Slap) classes too, because they’re best way to train those smooth, sexy moves and transitions. 

Doing things equally on both sides is my #2 goal. Okay, this one’s not exactly new but I totally slacked off with my lefty training in the past few months. I plan to start going for tech 1 classes and doing it all lefty again. By the end of the year I want to be able to easily do at least some inter 3 combos on the left: Spin climb, Pull up-V, Fold over, Cupid and Maxi, DVD and Static V. (not in that order of course)

Considering that I can’t even do DVD or Static V on my good side yet, this is highly wishful thinking ambitious! But hey, that’s what goals are for right?

My last pole goal for 2013 is to become proficient at static pole. Which usually also tend to be fat and slippery. I had a great time doing static drop-in classes in Manila and I’m heading to Taiwan for 5 days next week where I intend to do more drop-in classes too. Since it seems that most studios around the world use fat static poles, it makes perfect sense to add static pole to my pole education.

So, just to put it out there, I’ll probably take a few classes at a different pole studio here in addition to being a die-hard Bobbi’s girl. I’m leaning toward the studio where I did Beginners level 1 & 2 before I converted to the Bobbi’s way of life, but that won’t happen until my yoga membership expires in February.

In the meantime, I’m still working toward my current goal of doing 20 yoga classes by the end of the month. I’ve done 6 so far and I’m off to do another 2 classes tonight, so I’m still on schedule. Hopefully I can still hit 20 classes even with the Taiwan trip in between.

Have you thought of any pole goals for next year? I wanna know! 🙂

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