Reviewing the year’s pole journey

Blog hop pole reviewIt’s that time of year again, when we start getting all nostalgic and hopeful as the year comes to a close and the new one’s just round the corner.

Normally I don’t really start getting into it until after Christmas and just a few days before the new year, but my fellow pole sisters from the Pole Dancing Bloggers group came up with it as this month’s Blog-Hop theme, (which I haven’t joined yet) and I thought it would be a good way to start.

December marks the end of my 2nd year in pole dancing since I joined Bobbi’s in January 2011, and I’d say I’ve had 3 main highlights of the year so far. *Why is this is starting to feel like the story of Scrooge and his 3 Christmas ghosts?! Lol*

Even though I started the year at inter 3 level, I feel like it was only in this year that I became a truly intermediate pole dancer / student. (In fact, I only really stopped feeling like a beginner around the end of last year, after almost one full year of classes!)

Taking part in Amateur Night was definitely the first highlight of my year. I remember watching one of my practice videos for the ‘Sexy Bitch’ inter 3 routine and thinking that I finally looked ready enough to perform because I realized that I wasn’t cringing watching that particular video.

Yes of course I still cringe like Crrra-zy watching my own videos now! But at least I know that I’m my own harshest critic and that more importantly, nobody else really cares if I mess up a little as long as I’m enjoying myself! And if they do, it doesn’t matter either! (unless they’re my instructors in class of course)

That alone has probably given me the most freedom to dance and to perform, and to laugh off almost anything else.

Like how “Nothing Else Matters” from 2 terms ago was my favorite inter 3 routine, and I only got to perform it once, but halfway through I made a mistake and had to continue dancing to my own entirely different combo before joining in again at the end.

I was a little sad that I’d blown my one chance to perform that beautiful routine properly, but hey at least I know I can recover from a mistake seamlessly enough! Anyway Miss Folly and I christened that performance the “Nothing Really Matters” version, which I find super appropriate. 😉

Which brings me to the next highlight of the year: popping my pole dancing freestyling cherry in public. I consider it a highlight because not that many students get to represent the studio at public events and get paid for it, and I was very very honored to be asked.

But mostly, it was about being able to let go of the need to look ‘perfect’ *as if that ever bloody happens, right?!* and just perform. And then laugh off the blunders! Cos Youtube can be a real bitch…

My last highlight of the year is still ongoing… getting The Candy and progressing into Prep-Advanced!

When I was a brand new beginner, all I ever wanted was to be in inter 2. I thought that learning the Left Leg Hang was going to be like the biggest deal ever, and to me the girls in inter 3 were magical gravity-defying goddesses. I never even considered anything past inter 3 as a possibility in my own future!

And here I am almost 2 years later, about to go into my first Prep performance tonight. (and no doubt inevitably screw lots of things up then laugh about it later)

So 2012 has been awesome as my year of being at a proper intermediate level. I’m hoping to kick it up a notch next year and hopefully in another 12 months I’ll be able to feel like I’m starting to become somewhat advanced.

But even if I don’t, I’m going to enjoy every step of the way! And please wish me luck for my virgin Prep performance!

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  1. Cool, I have been pole dancing since two years but I’m really a little bit confused about level. Is not so structured here in Italy. We would love to see your performance 😉

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