Slow, steady, and so very bruised

No offence Lois, but this is what it really feels like to get kissed by Superman!

Forcing myself not to sign up for the all-you-can-pole promo was probably the best thing I could have done for myself this term.

I was soooooo tempted to do Po.lita’s super hot inter Slap routine as a third class and qualify in the promo, but I know I would have just greedily gone for loads of other classes too and wiped myself out in the process.

Instead, I’ve been sticking to my two classes a week and staying for practice on both days after class. And those two weekly practice sessions really make a difference!

Cos now I can finally get into Superman and hold it without howling and busting out profanities! The irony is that I can do it from what is basically the dreaded Tammy transition, which makes it a big accomplishment for me. Yay!

Last night we finished the prep routine, and I can do most of it except for the pivotal DVD cover (Extended Butterfly). It’s still a work in progress, because piking from right leg hang is still a challenge since my silly feet still insist on clamping themselves around the pole every time instead of just keeping it straight between my ankles.

So I keep ending up in strange, frightened-looking caterpillar positions instead of a pike. And I’m not even gonna get into how it looks getting back down to the floor!

Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with my current progress. There’s still 3 weeks to go, but for now I’m not pushing myself to nail it, and instead I’m just toying with different moves to substitute it with that allow me to flow into the rest of the routine.

And since there’s no Static V in this term’s prep routine, *can I get a Hallelujah?!!* I’m happy staying with Fake Static V for now, and I can just work on learning the real one next term. Just like how I can do a handstand now (whoopee!) but I still choose to do the easier elbow stand instead so I don’t get unnecessarily stressed out during the choreo.

In fact, my new favourite phrase for all the things I’m working on is ‘I can get it next term!’

Cos well, I can!

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1 Response to Slow, steady, and so very bruised

  1. Cayce says:

    I”m so glad to hear you’re sticking to your guns about taking it easy! You’ll feel better at the end of this round because you’re not pulling yourself in so many different directions. And, yes, you can get it next term! No one’s pushing you except for you. Congrats on giving yourself a break!!

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