And whatever happens, it Will end up on YouTube

The screen shot that jolted me out of bed

This morning when I woke up and checked my phone, I saw a message from my pole pal Anita on Facebook with a video link, saying, “You’re on YouTube…”

*Say Whuuuuuuuuutttt?!*

Turns out that a local travel website captured a video of my (first) freestyle performance during Sentosa’s 40th birthday celebrations. 

Honestly, I was hoping that this particular performance would never see the light of day… It was the first time I’d ever decided to give dancing free style a shot, and I wasn’t entirely familiar with the song.

So about 20 seconds in (and with a crowd already watching) I realized that I probably should have thought it through a bit more because I really didn’t have a good idea of what to do….Oh, and that I have amazing decision-making skills too.

Anyway I managed to wing through the next 2 whole minutes, though it felt like forty very awkward minutes instead. Then I walked off the stage naively thinking, “Well, at least no-one I know was watching!”

Which is why Murphy’s Law made sure that I would see it on YouTube. What makes it even better is that because of YouTube’s strict music copyright issues, the video has no sound!!! Aaarghhh…

Then I remembered how a good friend of mine who’s into the bondage and S&M fetish scene once told me that his strategy is to be as transparent about it as possible and just have everything out there. Cos nothing is that scandalous if it’s not kept a big secret.

Then I finished cringing and got over myself, and now I actually find the whole situation quite funny!

So I decided to put the link up here for your entertainment. *Watch my awesome-balls decision-making skills at work again!* I really appreciate though, that the people who uploaded it were kind in their video description, calling me graceful and saying they felt it was one of the best performances on Sentosa.

Now do me a favor and at least try to hum “Turn Me On’ by Nicki Minaj by yourself as you watch it okay?

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2 Responses to And whatever happens, it Will end up on YouTube

  1. Queenish says:

    u were great, def didn’t look unplanned or awkward at all! 😀

  2. It’s good lah. Let it all hang out! Given the conditions – hot, outdoors etc it was well done and *ballsy*. Nice straight legs too! Me, am still deciding whether to come out of my pole closet! U go girl!

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