A fresh start and good feelings

Ready, set, go

So week one of the new term came and went, and I survived my first class of Prep Advanced unscathed.

It helped a lot that there were no inversions and there are a few other first-timers in this class with me. It’s also taught by my beloved inter 3 instructor whom I feel very safe with, and both Po.lita and Miss Folly are in the class with me. Yay!

Most of lesson 1 covered the first spin combo, which I’m quite pleased to say that I can actually manage, though my legs jerk around ungracefully during the transitions.

I’m not used to staying on the pole for that many transitions yet and the main difference between prep and inter 3 combos is that we spend a lot more time transitioning on the pole without our feet touching the ground… I went home with a new bruise on my right calf that was big enough for my husband to notice.

We also worked on proper handstands up to the pole for the first time, and mine wasn’t going anywhere but I already expected that.

Other than that, my virgin prep lesson went pretty well… although I’m not under any delusions that things will remain this comfy, because I’ve already seen the routine so I know that it’s about to get intense very soon…

Besides Prep Advanced, I also decided to sign up for beginner pole grooves. It’s a multi-level dance-based class and this term it’s taught by Po.lita so signing up for it quite was a no-brainer for me. So far I’m loving the routine to ‘Fantasy’ but m knees are slightly less enchanted with the amount of floorwork it has.

I reckoned that since I probably won’t be able to perform the Prep routine, (which might make me feel depressed during performance week) at least with another class I’ll still get to do something. Plus, pole grooves teaches 2 different routines!

On Saturday, it actually felt super refreshing not having to rush to the studio for classes! I mean, I love all my classes but I haven’t had a free Saturday afternoon to myself in months!

So even though I shared a private class on Sunday afternoon, the whole weekend just felt so much more relaxed and slower-paced. I even had time to organize parts of my closet! And now I have big plans to bathe both of my cats next Saturday too.

Gotta say that I’m enjoying this pace of doing less classes so far, cos it forces me to focus on what I’m learning. And the money I save has gone into sharing some awesome private classes, so it’s win-win-win all round!

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