Moving on up… finally!

Just got the Fake Static V, now for the real one soon… *gulp!*

I passed my assessment into prep advanced!!!

Which really means that I somehow managed to get up into a Candy with shoes on, because after doing the intermediate 3 routine at Saturday’s performance, the Candy was all my instructors wanted to see from me for the assessment.

And after finally willing my ass to reach the pole above my head and seeing my instructor T smile and nod her head at me, I think I felt as happy and relieved as I would have if I’d just her to marry me!

…Cos erm, I’d already signed up for her prep class beforehand just to secure my pole.. so if she hadn’t said “Yes! I do! (give you the clearance to be in my class)” I would have had to shamefully transfer out of it.

Which might have felt similar to the slightly awkward, *Oh you no wants to get married? That’s cool, guess I’ll just hang on to this diamond engagement ring that I specially bought in your size… yup no biggie!* 


Shortly after my assessment, another instructor performed next term’s prep routine as a preview for everyone, and I nearly cried. Because besides the usual DVD and Static V, Superman, and Handstand from the floor, there’s also an aerial V chopper from left leg hang (Gemini) and a couple of other mean-looking transitions that make me go weak just looking at them.

But I’m going to live by my pole pal Anni’s sound advice on surviving prep: In the first term, just try to nail the first combo in the routine. In the second term, aim progress to the second combo. Then in third term, finish the whole routine… and then after that you can think about performing it!

Well said, since Prep-advanced is the second-highest level at Bobbi’s and it’s a big leap from intermediate 3 in terms of difficulty. It’s the reason why Prep is the minimum level to be taken seriously in competitions, and in my opinion it’s the level where the performances really start to get impressive… provided that the tricks are executed smoothly of course.

I know I won’t be anywhere near ready to perform it for another 3 terms at least, and even then I probably might not be able to do the routines justice. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there…

Cos in the meantime, lesson 1 starts on Wednesday and all I’m aiming for is to live through it amongst all the Advanced girls and Prep repeaters without embarrassing myself!

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5 Responses to Moving on up… finally!

  1. Grace says:

    Hi! Haha I don’t know if you remember me but I’m the one who stood next to you during the very first perfect lines class. Haha i’ve seen you in more classes but never said hi again oops. Anyway, congrats on passing assessment! You always look superbly fluid doing stuff and you’re gonna be great anyway 🙂 I’m going to prep next term too but I think I’m really going to flounder and die… and now after reading your entry I’m even more terrified. Uh oh. I think I should probably have spent more time in int3 but I’m trying to rush cos I’m worried I won’t have time to pole from mid next year on 😦 fingers crossed!!

  2. Chwenny says:

    Of course I remember 🙂 Don’t be terrified.. I saw you do a DVD during one of the tech 2 classes so you shld be fine.. anyway we can flounder together if you do the Wednesday class!

  3. jaclyn says:


  4. krissykiki says:

    congrats!!! sounds like your hard work is paying off! Keep it up 🙂

  5. wow! I wanna learn that! 😀

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